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FEBRUARY 2015 Meeting Newsletter

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Diablo Woodworkers ACTIVITIES. Club meetings at PHEC are the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Shop Tours are the 3rd Saturday of the month, 10 a.m. to Noon. The Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center meets in Room 208 at PHEC, 7pm the first Thursday of each month. Just drop in. There is no need for advanced registration. Just show up and join the fun.

Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Jan Blumer - Finishing.
Mar 11 DW MEETING, Brian Condran, Custom Furniture Maker
Wednesday Shop Tour at 2pm, Pier 9 Workshop, Pier 9 Embarcadero, San Francisco
Thursday Shop Tour at 10am, Pier 9 Workshop, Pier 9 Embarcadero, San Francisco
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Tim Killen, Finishing Techniques.
Apr 15 DW MEETING, Tim Killen, Colonial Williamsburg - 3rd Wednesday
Shop Tour, The Rossmoor Wood Shop, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Mike Budesilich – Carved Bowls / Boxes.
37th Annual Arnold Peddler's Faire, Arnold, CA (This is not a ‘juried’ art/craft show – it includes antiques, vintage, etc.

Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - TBD.
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Ed Steffinger & Ron Kersey – Lamp making.
43rd Annual Sierra Nevada Arts & Crafts Festival, Arnold, CA (Independence Day Parade on Saturday am!).
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Jim Rodgers – Inlays (Stones, Metals & Acrylics).
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - TBD.
Annual Cedar Center Arts & Crafts Festival, Arnold, CA.
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - TBD.
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Andrew Baxter – Multi Axis Turning.
43rd Annual Gifts ‘n Tyme Holiday Faire, Napa, CA.
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly meeting, speaker - Ron Tinay – Open Segment Turning.


Brian Condran, - Custom Furniture Maker

Brian CondranBrian learned his furniture building craft at the College of the Redwood's. His style reflects the influence of James Krenov who ran the Fine Woodworking program while Brian was a student. Brian, who has for the last seven or eight years taught various aspects of the handmade process in woodworking at the adult school, recently completed a fantastic trip to woodworking events and artisans in japan.

He went to Odawara for the Kezuroukai (plane shaving contest) and then toured the Yamamoto plane Co and the Oouchi Chisel Co. Brian visited a number of Temples and visited with their master temple carpenters. After visiting the Takenaka Museum of Japanese tools and joinery he visited a number of Japanese Lumber yards where exotic lumber is auctioned off regularly. He completed his trip at the Tokyo University of the Arts and met with Mr. Suda (National Treasure recipient in woodcraft).

Needless to say Brian took lots of pictures and has tons of funny stories to share with us at our March 11th monthly meeting.


Tim Killen, - Colonial Williamsburg


Tim KillenAfter retiring from a 36-year career in the engineering and construction industry, Tim Killen has pursued a life-long interest in woodworking. He is particularly interested in reproducing 18th C museum pieces, and his home is already filled with dozens of furniture reproductions. In this pursuit, he utilizes a spectrum of old and new technologies which includes considerable hand-tool operations, along with a modern design in 3D computer modeling.

Tim is also involved in teaching woodworking at Mt. Diablo Adult Education in Pleasant Hill, CA, with classes in:
  • SketchUp for the Woodworker
  • Classic Furniture Finishes
  • Classic Furniture Reproduction
Tim has written several articles on furniture making for Woodwork Magazine and Fine Woodworking including an article on SketchUp. He is a contributing author to Fine Woodworking involving the "Design. Click. Build." Blog on SketchUp. Tim has authored two books published by Fine Woodworking and Taunton Press. The titles are Google SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers, and SketchUp Guide for Woodworkers, Traditional Cabinets.

For the last nine years, Tim has attended the Colonial Williamsburg annual conference, “Working Wood in the 18th Century". The most recent January 2015 program focused on Desks: The Write Stuff. Supported by photographs taken during the conference, Tim will show how the cabinetmakers and joiners demonstrate making reproductions of the subject museum desk examples. Their procedures of woodworking represent those used by the original craftsmen in the 18th C.



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DOUG MCADOO, - owner of Bay Area Carbide

Doug McAdoo - owner of Bay Area Carbide - is long experienced at sharpening tools and his shop has been the foremost sharpening company in the Bay Area for many years. Saw blades are not just sharpened, there are several other processes blades go through to "true" the blade before the sharpening. Router bit sharpening is a must do for many of us as newly purchased bits may not have been sharpened to the best cutting edge. Bay Area Carbide sharpens all cutting tools, planer blades, and hand tools as well. Although not a favorite job of Doug's, he does sharpen handsaws. Bay Area Carbide also sells new saw blades and router bits including standard and custom length band saw blades.

Speaker Doug McAdoo (R)
Doug McAdoo (right) explains sawblade use and sharpening.


NEW 2015 Community Project - Feb 2015 news.

Martinez Jury Room Cabinet Activity

Campolindo Woodshop Safety Manual - Copies of the 'Campolindo Woodshop Safety Manual' are available to club members. Please contact: Ron Kersey at or (925) 944-5471.

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The Diablo Woodworkers would like to extend a hearty welcome to the following new members. We hope to see all of you on a regular basis. Please send your e-mail address to Jeff Traeger to receive notice of club events and other announcements.

New/Returning Member(s) as of February 2015:

  1. Richard Thomas
  2. Robert Ackley
  3. Dick O’Neil
  4. Megs Swenson

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WEDNESDAY, March 18th Shop Tour, 2 PM

- OR -

THURSDAY, March 19th Shop Tour, 10 AM

Pier 9 Workshop, Pier 9 Embarcadero, San Francisco

Pier 9 has an "Artist-in-Residence" program where Pier 9 provides the facilities and resources for artists/craftsmen/inventors/entrepreneurs to work, to invent, and to develop their ideas. The facilities are state-of-the-art high tech including - production lines, a steel fab shop, a woodworking shop, 3D printers and access to the latest in CAD hardware and software.

The Workshop limits the size of tour groups to a maximum of 25. We, therefore, have split our group into 2 sessions, one each, on 2 separate days - Wednesday March 18 and Thursday March 19.

To assist and to expedite the tour's sign in process, prior to our arrival, we will submit a confirmed guest list which the front desk team will use to pre-sign in our attendees.

Each of us will be required to fill out a digital safety and confidentiality waiver upon arrival.

They have advised that we wear closed-toed shoes if possible and that while photographs in the office areas of Pier 9 are not permitted, photography in the Workshop area is allowed. We must ask permission, however if a Workshop User is present.

While on the tour we may pass by classes in progress - The Workshop asks that we be respectful and to try to navigate the tour appropriately to minimize class disruption.


Pier 9 is north of the Ferry Building along the San Francisco Embarcadero. Pier 9 does not have parking facilities, but public parking is available in the area. For those who would prefer not to drive, it is within a 15 minute walk from the Embarcadero BART Station or a short “F” Line Trolley ride along the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building.

If you are interested in signing up for one of these tours contact email or 925-229-0162.


SATURDAY, April 18th Shop Tour, 10AM - NOON.
The Rossmoor Wood Shop, Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA

Among the many facilities and activity venues in the retirement community of Rossmoor there is a Wood Shop complete with state-of-the-art power tools and hand tools. The Shop is available to residents.

Come and enjoy the Rossmoor hospitality while you check out the tools and facilities that are available to woodworker residents of Rossmoor.

Refreshments: Coffee, cookies and donuts will be available

  • From Highway 24 exit onto Pleasant Hill Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road south turn left onto Olympic Blvd
  • From Olympic Blvd turn right onto Tice Valley Rd
  • From Tice Valley Rd turn right onto Rossmoor Parkway
  • Rossmoor Parkway to Rossmoor Security
  • Advise Security that you are attending a meeting at the Wood Shop (and if needed request directions to the Shop).


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Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center’s Monthly Meeting Details

March 5th, 2015 Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly speaker, PHEC Room-108, 7-9 PM -
Jan Blumer - Finishing

Jan Blumer is a woodturner who creates very high quality museum level bowls and hollow forms. Jan enjoys producing both green and dry wood products all of which show the quality surface finish for which he is known. Jan will share his “formula” for completing a project from sanding to sealing to final top coats. Jan’s process has been developed and refined over several years of experimentation – all of which he will be sharing with the group on Thursday evening.


April 2nd, 2015 Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center's monthly speaker, PHEC Room-108, 7-9 PM -
Tim Killen - Finishing Techniques

Tim Killen a builder of classic period furniture will present his finishing techniques. Starting with preparation through the final coat of finish Tim will discuss these subjects.
  • Sanding and scraping – wood preparation
  • Dying and chemicals – matching or changing wood colors
  • Oiling
  • Grain filling
  • Oil color glazing
  • Shellac and Milk Paint – finish types
  • Waxing
Examples will be used during the discussion.

Tim will also discuss his method for turning duplicates.


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Diablo Woodworkers Name Tag

Lost your name tag or never received one? Just e-mail Jeff Traeger at and provide your name as you would like it to appear. Your new name tag will be available at the next meeting at the sign-in table.

Spruce and Pine Sword Holder, Holders
Bob Hoellwarth
- Spruce and Pine Sword Holder, Holders

Dick O'Neil
Dick O'Neil
- Peruvian Walnut Coffee Table.

Kevin Olson
Kevin Olson
- Pelonia, Redwood, and Balsa Surfboard.

David Lipscomb
David Lipscomb
- Chemically stained poplar replica 1838 School Box.

Tim Killen
Tim Killen
- Mahogany Pembroke Table, French polish shellac.

Half scale Shaker Table
Brian Robertson
- Half scale Shaker Table.

DeWayne Ruwe
DeWayne Ruwe
- Cherry Drop Leaf Table.

Duke Herrero
Duke Herrero
- Greene & Greene Cherry Side Table.

Dave Wittenbrock.
Dave Wittenbrock
- Segmented Bowls.

Kirby Elvin
Kirby Elvin
- Cocobolo Boxes.

Wayne Stolte
Wayne Stolte
- Maple Tool Box.

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Don Gouveia
Don Gouveia
- Staved Bowl with floating bottom - Ampola & Chechen.

Mike Vergino
Mike Vergino
- Segmented Bowl with double feature ring.

Mike Vergino
Mike Vergino
- Segmented Bowl with double feature ring.

David Fleisig
David Fleisig
- Hollow Vessels with segmented top and solid base.

Bruce Lichti
Bruce Lichti
- Walnut Vase.

Mike Vergino
Mike Vergino
- Segmented Bowl with double feature ring.

Mike Vergino
Mike Vergino
- Ash Vase with Red & Black dye.

Mike Vergino
Mike Vergino
- Segmented Bowl with double feature ring.

Dave Wittenbrock
Dave Wittenbrock
- Segmented Bowl - Walnut and Cherry.

Dave Wittenbrock
Dave Wittenbrock
- Segmented Bowl - Walnut and Maple.

Andrew Baxter
Andrew Baxter
- Fluted Bowl with Cover.

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Martinez Cabinet
Susan Principe is the artist showing her glass sculpture. Feb. 02, 2015
Martinez Jury Room Cabinet
The right cabinet displays Diablo Woodworkers art. Feb. 19, 2015
New projects are put in the cabinets every 2 months so be sure and stop by to see the current displays.

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Memorial Flag Case Project

Since the 9/11 tragedy, the Diablo Woodworkers have channeled some of their woodworking passion into compassion for the families of fallen firefighters and law enforcement officers - the survivors of those who have given their last full measure in protecting others.

We honor those families with memorial flag cases that have been crafted from California (Claro) walnut and accented with silver maple corner splines. Each case is finished with Danish oil and buffed out to a smooth finish.

These memorial flag cases are provided to all law enforcement and firefighting units in the San Francisco Bay area. We are proud to have worked with over 100 families in the past 10 years and will continue to honor the fallen.

Gordon Fry, 925-685-1676 is the Chairperson for this project. Plans for these flag cases are on our club web site.

Flag Case


Starting with the 9/11/2001 tragedies, we are proud to have provided flag cases for many families. It is a small token of our appreciation for the great risks police and firefighters take to keep our communities safe.

In 2001 and 2002 we sent approximately 160 flag cases to families of firefighters, police, and military who lost their lives at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This was done in cooperation with a number of other woodworking clubs across the country who also provided many flag cases.

Closer to home, in 2001 we provided a flag case to the family of an Oakland Police officer who lost his life while on an undercover narcotics stakeout.

In 2002 we honored a Norcal firefighter who lost his life in a forest fire.

In 2004 flag cases honoring two police officers were donated. One officer was with the SFPD and the other with Oakland. The SFPD officer died when a suspect pulled and fired an assault rifle at the officer and his partner.

In 2005 three police officers were honored. These men worked for the San Leandro, Pittsburg and Daly City Police Departments. One was shot while attempting to arrest two robbery suspects and another was shot in an ambush attack at a residence.

2006 resulted in four local police and firefighters losing their lives. One was a firefighter from Santa Clara who was electrocuted while fighting a fire. The other three were police officers from San Francisco and Palo Alto. One of the SFPD officers was killed while pursuing robbery suspects who used their van to ram the police car. In Palo Alto an officer was shot while trying to break up a fight.

We were fortunate to not have to present any flag cases in 2007.

In 2008 two flag cases were given to families of officers from Richmond and Martinez. While the Richmond officer died in a car wreck, his organs were donated to a man in San Francisco “who had 24 hours to live”. As the Richmond police department said “ the last thing he did was save a life”.

In 2009, five flag cases were presented. Four Oakland police officers lost their lives this year all resulting from a traffic stop where the suspect opened fire and killed the two investigating officers. In the resulting manhunt the assailant killed two more officers when he was cornered in a building in Oakland. The fifth officer was from SFPD.

In 2010 one Richmond Police officer lost his life in the line of duty.

2011, however, found one police officer and two firefighters giving their lives to protect us. Both firefighters were critically injured during an explosion while bravely fighting a house fire in the Diamond Heights neighborhood. The Vallejo police officer used his patrol car to cause a suspect's SUV to spin out. The suspect then fled on foot and was pursued by the officer. The suspect hid behind a fence and when the officer closed on him he shot the officer.

One Concord Police Officer lost his life in the line of duty in 2012. He was shot during a traffic stop.

In 2013 we were fortunate that again only one local police officer lost his life. He was with the Santa Cruz police.

Thus far in 2014 we have provided flag cases to the families of three policemen. Two CHP officers were killed in a vehicle crash while responding to a 911 call. The third officer was with the BART police and the victim of an accidental shooting by another officer.

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TOOLS FOR SALE/SWAP, JOBS, WANTED: - Here is a place to advertise a job or your need to get rid of that little used but beautiful tool or supply or ask for something. Email Jeff Traeger to get it in the Newsletter or emailed to members.

Diablo Woodworkers Logo and Members Name Shirts and other clothing are available from Marlene Pringle, see her at a coming meeting. She has a catalog of a large variety of garments that are available. Phone: 925-682-3919, http://www.companycasuals.com/marleneemb//start.jsp

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Diablo Woodworkers SUPPLIERS:

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE DIABLO WOODWORKERS Phone Bob Barnett at 925-933-2339 or email . Please let us know if you move out of the area, or are no longer interested in the club activities so we can take you off the mailing list.


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