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JANUARY 2017 Meeting Newsletter

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Diablo Woodworkers ACTIVITIES. Club meetings at PHEC are the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Shop Tours are the 3rd Saturday of the month, 10 a.m. to Noon. The Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center meets in Room 208 at PHEC, 7pm the first Thursday of each month. Just drop in. There is no need for advanced registration. Just show up and join the fun.

Feb 8, 2017 DW Meeting, Ron Cook - Luthier and Craftsman
Mar 8, 2017 DW Meeting, Scott Wynn - Constructing abstract patterns on a wooden cabinet


RON COOK – Luthier and Craftsman.

Ron CookRon Cook is a California born and bred artisan luthier and craftsman. He uses "green" methods and materials to create one-of-a-kind hand-carved furniture, medieval and Early American stringed instruments, and sculptures. He uses primarily recycled, salvaged and urban forest woods. He is particularly known for his detailed carvings and "tiled" methods of construction.

Ron has exhibited nationally at American Craft Council Shows, as well as at the Sausalito Art Festival, Scottsdale Arts Festival, and Bellevue ArtsFair. His pieces have been shown in galleries and events as far away as Barcelona, Spain, and are in collections throughout the world.

Ron Cook has appeared in, and written for, Renaissance Magazine, and his works have appeared in American Woodworker, American Craft, Early Music America, Dulcimer Players News, Crafts Report, Guitarmaker, and Sunset, as well as on television: WABC in New York, KGO in San Francisco, San Jose Community TV, and Community Television of Santa Cruz.

Ron is a 35+ year member of the Guild of American Luthiers, an exhibitor and member of the American Craft Council, a member of the Santa Cruz Art League, a charter member of the Santa Cruz Woodworkers, and a Santa Cruz County Open Studios artist for over a decade. He teaches wood carving at a local community college, and also supports the National Music Museum.

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SCOTT WYNN – Decorative Elements on Shoji.

I've been exploring the decorative and figurative possibilities of lattice patterns, or "kumiko", for decorative elements on Shoji for several years now, often incorporating curves, random patterns, carved and found objects, and differing paper patterns into the designs. This is my most complex design so far. The talk will be on the different techniques used to design and make this cabinet, called "Autumn Rain", that employ shoji style kumiko as an expressive element. A number of practical and expedient techniques were used to finalize the design and speed up the work, and I will talk about those in some detail, along with a detailed progressive photographic essay showing the process.

I am a professional woodworker who has been designing and building furniture since 1976. I have a workshop in San Francisco where I specializes in limited production, one of a kind, and commissioned work. I am also a licensed and practicing Architect and I use the shop to produce furniture and installations for my architectural designs.

I have written articles on woodworking for Fine Woodworking (I was on the cover of issue #118!), Woodwork Magazine, Fine Homebuilding, taught classes and workshops, and have written the book, The Woodworkers guide to the Handplane. I have three more books coming out on woodworking: one on the Bailey plane due out this spring; another on setting up, making, and using Japanese plane; and another on the use, repair, modification, and making of traditional wood planes. You can see my work at scottwynnatelier.com and scottwynnarchitect.com.

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Scott Wynn's decorative cabinet   Scott Wynn's decorative cabinet


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Michael Braun-January 2017 SpeakerJANUARY 11, 2017 MEETING, PHEC MULTI-PURPOSE ROOM, 7-9 PM.
MICHAEL BRAUN – SFFD Senior Equipment Specifications Writer Fleet Administration, Central Shops.

Michael was the supervisor of the Fire Shop and the Ladder Shop for the last 21 years for the San Francisco Fire Department. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Guardians of the City, which is the History museum for the SFFD, SFPD. He is also the Chairman of the Apparatus Committee and knows the history of the wood fire ladders which are fabricated in the ladder/pattern shop. Michael is going to talk about the history and building of the wood ladders and a general history of the Fire Dept.

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NEW 2016 Marquetry Seminar - August 2016 by Brian Condran.

Pleasant Hill Library Cabinet Activity: The Diablo Woodworkers Display Cabinet has recently been moved to the Pleasant Hill Library. New photos posted June 27, 2016

NEW Flag Case History - August 2016

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The Diablo Woodworkers would like to extend a hearty welcome to the following new members attending our January 11, 2017 meeting. We hope to see all you on a regular basis.

New members:

  1. Mary Mc Ilray -- [Mc I-L-R-A-Y] the name in brackets for clarity
  2. Marvin Bargagloitti

Returning members are:

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Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center’s Monthly Meeting Details

February 2, 2017 Woodturners, PHEC ROOM-108, 7-9 PM.
Joel Albert – Casting Acrylic Pen Blanks

Joel Albert will present an overview of casting Acrylic Pen blanks using Alumilite Resin and a wide variety of dyes, mica-powders, and other filler material. Casting your own blanks opens the doors to a wide variety of creative options; from simple colors to pistachio nuts; from shower luffas to apricot pits. It's exciting, fun, and incredibly rewarding. Come learn the basics of how to cast, what equipment you need, and explore some of the creative possibilities.


March 2, 2017 Woodturners, PHEC ROOM-108, 7-9 PM.
Andrew Baxter – Gavels – Making Gavels and their History.

Andrew Baxter's discussion will include:

  • Discuss some history regarding the gavel background
  • Show samples of various head designs
  • Explain spindle turning of handle and Gavel Head
  • Show samples mounted on lathe
  • How to drill hole for handle
  • Alignment of handle into head
  • Preparation for finish.


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Saturday, January 21, 2017 Shop Tour, 10AM - Noon
Kirby Elvin's Home Shop, 635 Blue Ridge Dr., Martinez

Join us for a tour of Kirby's shop.

Parking is on street. Shop is in a standard two car garage - shared with Wife's car. Kirby says he has made use of every square foot by combining different tools into a small area.

Refreshments: Coffee, cookies and donuts will be available.


  • Exit I 680 onto Sunvalley Blvd,
  • West on Sunvalley Blvd becomes Taylor Blvd,
  • Taylor Blvd to Pleasant Hill Rd,
  • Turn right onto Pleasant Hill Rd,
  • Drive past Virginia Hills Shopping Ctr.,
  • Turn Left at the Chevron Station onto Blue Ridge Dr.,
  • Blue Ridge Dr. to #635 on left.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017 Shop Tour, 10AM - Noon
Western Dovetail's Shop at 1101 Nimitz Ave, Suite 209, Vallejo (Mare Island), CA 94592

Meet Max and join him for a tour of Western Dovetail's Shop in Building 126 "The Pipe and Boiler Shop" at Mare Island.

Western Dovetail was founded 1993 by Maxfield Hunter, the president and CEO. The company specializes in the production of high quality solid wood dovetailed drawers and to an extensive list of new products and services.

At Western Dovetail, every tool in the shop is dedicated to a unique process, which ensures safe, accurate and consistent product day after day.

Refreshments: Coffee, cookies and donuts will be available


  • Follow I 680 N towards Benicia and Sacramento,
  • Take exit 58A to I 780 towards Benicia and Vallejo,
  • In 9.5 miles turn left onto Mare Island Causeway,
  • Turn left onto Nimitz Ave,
  • Western Dovetail at 1101 is on right.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017 Shop Tour, 10AM - Noon
Robert Nisbitt's Home Shop, 1880 Camino Ramon, Danville.

He designs and makes display cabinets and chairs mainly by hand. He was at the College of the Redwoods for 2 years where he studied under James Krenoff.

His shop has some large machines: 12" table saw, 20" bandsaw, 14" planer, 12" jointer, many hand tools, and an installed dust collector.

He has a nice collection of fine furniture in the house which he has indicated we are welcome to see.

Pets are not welcome.

Refreshments: Coffee, cookies and donuts will be available.


  • Exit 680 at either Sycamore or Crow Canyon and go East for one block to Camino Ramon,
  • From Sycamore go Right on Camino Ramon, which is south, for 1 mile to #1880 on right,
  • From Crow Canyon go Left on Camino Ramon which is north for 1/2 mile to #1880 on left,
  • There is plenty of parking on the street.

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Diablo Woodworkers Name Tag

Lost your name tag or never received one? Just make a note next to your name on the sign in sheet at the next meeting. Your new name tag will be available at the following meeting at the sign-in table.

Kirby Elvin
Kirby Elvin - Jewelry Box
- Curly Maple & Black Acacia, General Finish top coat, contains over 900 box joint fingers.

Bob Hoellwarth
Bob Hoellwarth - Axe Restore & Handle
- Ash & Poplar, bought at John Summers' sale and restored.

Tim Killen
Tim Killen - Kitchen Dresser - circa 1750
- Monterey Pine, Soldier Blue Milk Paint, Rat Tail hinges, Original in Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Chuck Cottril
Chuck Cottril - Table
- Top - Black Locust, Leg - Black Acacia (heartwood), Feet & Brackets - Black Acacia, Minwax Tung Oil.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Fluted Bowl
- Black Acacia, buffed Polyurethane, Lathe turned with hand carved flutes.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Laminated Cutting Board
- Walnut/Cherry/Oak/Purpleheart, Mineral Oil.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Small Laminated Clip Board
- Black Walnut/Sapele/Ash, Polyurethane hand rubbed and waxed.

Kirby Elvin
Kirby Elvin - Jigsaw Puzzles
- assorted woods, Spray Lacquer, took hours at the scroll saw.

Bob Hoellwarth
Bob Hoellwarth - Dining Chair
- Beech, Tannic Acid/Iron Acetate/ Tung Oil.

George Lucido
George Lucido - Windsor Boston Fanback Child's Rocker
- Pine/Ash/Oak, Milk Paint to follow.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Pillar Candle Holder
- Black Walnut, WATCO Natural Oil, Lathe turned on seven axises.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Wine Bottle Coasters
- Black Locust, Lathe turned.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Baby Rattles
- Black Acacia, Polyurethane buffed w/Carnauba Wax, Lathe turned from one piece w/3 captured rings.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Carved Spoons
- Eastern Hardrock Maple, Mineral Oil, Hand Carved.

Wayne Shipman
Wayne Shipman - Shallow Bowl or Plate
- Domestic Cherry, Mix of Mineral Oil and Paraffin wax, Bandsawn hand carved and sanded.

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November 2016 Shop Tour at Jeff Traeger's Shop in Orinda
November 2016 Shop Tour at Laney College in Oakland

November 2016 Shop Tour at Jeff Traeger's Shop in Orinda
November 2016 Shop Tour at Laney College in Oakland
. Click on images

Don Gouveia
Don Gouveia
- Poplar Vase with Chechen Rings.

Don Gouveia
Don Gouveia
- Curly Vase with Chechen Rings - unfinished.

Joel Albert
Joel Albert
- Bracelet Collection.

Ed Steffinger
Ed Steffinger
- Walnut Box with Holly Finial.

Hugh Bevan-Thomas
Hugh Bevan-Thomas
- Hollow Vessel, Lost Wood Sculpture.

Carl Gentry
Carl Gentry
- Classic paring Chilsels.

John Lawson
John Lawson
- Winged Vase Golf Trophy.

John Hile
John Hile
- Handle-less Hammer.

Jim Rodgers
Jim Rodgers
- Turned Pins - Acrylic & Aluminum.

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Pleasant Hill Library Cabinet Displays
The art and craft items here are from various classes in the Adult School. November 04, 2016.
New projects are put in the cabinets every 2 months so be sure and stop by to see the current displays.

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Memorial Flag Case Project

Since the 9/11 tragedy, the Diablo Woodworkers have channeled some of their woodworking passion into compassion for the families of fallen firefighters and law enforcement officers - the survivors of those who have given their last full measure in protecting others.

We honor those families with memorial flag cases that have been crafted from California (Claro) walnut and accented with silver maple corner splines. Each case is finished with Danish oil and buffed out to a smooth finish.

These memorial flag cases are provided to all law enforcement and firefighting units in the San Francisco Bay area. We are proud to have worked with over 100 families in the past 10 years and will continue to honor the fallen.

Gordon Fry, 925-685-1676 is the Chairperson for this project. Plans for these flag cases are on our club web site.

Flag Case

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TOOLS FOR SALE/SWAP, JOBS, WANTED: - Here is a place to advertise a job or your need to get rid of that little used but beautiful tool or supply or ask for something. Email Jeff Treager to get it in the Newsletter or emailed to members.

Marlene's Embroidery & Designs - The place to get your embroidered Diablo Woodworkers' shirt and many other embroidered designs. Please call to make an appointment: 925-682-3919

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Diablo Woodworkers SUPPLIERS

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE DIABLO WOODWORKERS Phone Bob Barnett at 925-933-2339 or email. Please let us know if you move out of the area, or are no longer interested in the club activities so we can take you off the mailing list.


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