Diablo Woodworkers

2019 Community Projects

Project Overview: The Diablo Woodworkers have been reaching out to non-profit organizations for woodworking opportunities. In addition, we get calls from others who have heard of our work. Please use the Index of Community Projects below.

Index of Community Projects and Leaders:


Girl Scout Woodworker Badge

A group of Girl Scouts in the 6th grade (11&12 years old) will be working on the Woodworker Badge: Girl Scout Woodworker Badge.

The badge has 5 skills:
  1. Swing a hammer,
  2. Keep it level,
  3. Use a screwdriver,
  4. Saw some wood and
  5. Build something yourself.
The girls plan to work on skills 1-4 at their leader's house, and will need our leadership on the 5th step, which needs to involve the 4 skills already learned. They'd also appreciate tips on safety.

The project will require a person or team to design an item, and perhaps a group to pre-cut some of the wood for the item, letting the girls also do some cutting of their own. They usually meet Thursdays from 3-4:30, and sometimes on Sundays.

If you are willing to join the project, contact the Project leader.

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