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Jenny Wong-StanleyArt of Plants founder Jenny Wong-Stanley is part designer, builder, sculptor and scientist. Her bent wood sculptures, planters, and home decor reflect a reverence for nature as well as a keen artistic eye – they are at once modern and organic, thoughtful and calculated. Raised in a family with humble means, Jenny learned resourcefulness early, using recycled materials to create artwork and grow her budding creativity. That habit has continued into Jenny’s current work, which frequently incorporates recycled or upcycled materials, scraps, and remnants when available.

Jenny began her career as a graphic designer, working in the industry for ten years with companies such as Marvel and Entertainment Weekly. After a decade of design, she switched courses to pursue a disparate passion for science. Jenny earned advanced degrees in behavioral neuroscience, ecology, and biology before returning to design. Jenny’s creations for Art of Plants incorporate her passions for science and nature into her work. Not everything she makes or designs is plant related but the name stuck and living walls was her main design in the beginning when Art of Plants was in its nascent stages.

She is also a mother to two little girls, an avid cook and a John Hughes 80's film loyalist.

Recently, Jenny has moved herself and her business to Oakland, CA. In the next few months as stars align and things become more settled, you will see a transformation in her work. Come back soon!



SATURDAY, October 19, 2019, 10AM - NOON
Shop of George Lucido, 1681 Harmony Street, Brentwood 925-493-0428

Host: Windsor Chair Seat Carving Demonstration by George

Our Shop Tour for October will be at the home of long-time member George Lucido. George has a compact new shop where he creates period reproduction Windsor chairs, in more shapes, sizes and varieties than you can think of.

In addition to the necessary chair-building skills of design, carving, turning and assembly, George is also an expert chair finisher, specializing in layered and burnished milk paints to emulate the appearance of an antique masterpiece. As well as chair-building, cabinets and flat work, George is also a master bowl turner and was for many years a major participant in the annual Orinda Country Club Arts and Crafts Fair.

George will demonstrate carving techniques for shaping the characteristically curvaceous Windsor chair seat, including the use of a hand-crafted (by George) English travisher. Think of a beefy two-handed, deeply-curved, heavy-duty spokeshave, or better yet, come on out and see it in person. You can also expect to see a display of the amazing variety of George’s chairs.

Sorry, no pets or minor children due to liability issues.

Google Map: George Lucido's Shop



Jim Rodgers – Ron Kersey – 3-D Stuff

Greeting Woodturners:

All of you know how to turn a pen. You grab a pen blank, go to the drill press and drill a hole, then cut it into two parts and turn it on the lathe. Then you assemble the pen.

Creating a pen with a 3-D printer is a bit different. You need a 3-D printer instead of a lathe and software to create a drawing of the pen. The 3-D drawing is then transferred to the printer and the pen is created.

You can also draw balls, vessels and other useful normally turned objects which can then be printed. Jim will bring other things he has printed that are useful to turners such as a Morse taper cleaner, an alignment Cone, etc.

Jim Rodgers and Ron Kersey will demonstrate how to use SketchUp to create a 3-D drawing and then use the 3-D printer to create the pen body.

Come join us at the Woodturning Center for an informative discussion.


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Diablo Woodworkers ACTIVITIES. Club meetings at PHEC are the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7-9 p.m. Shop Tours are the 3rd Saturday of the month, 10 a.m. to Noon. The Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center meets in Room 208 at PHEC, 7pm the first Thursday of each month. Just drop in. There is no need for advanced registration. Just show up and join the fun.

Oct 09, 2019 Jenny Wong-Stanley, MULTI-USE ROOM, PHEC, 7-9 PM.

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Ana saw it...
Ana wanted it...so we needed it.
Thus, began a 14-month adventure

In this presentation I’ll discuss my 18th century sideboard project, the differences between my version and other reproductions of this piece, the planning required, and some of the design choices I’ve made.

Wayne Stolte's Sideboard Project


Everyone was on the edge of their seat anticipating Wayne showing the next impossible detail on the Sideboard. It was a great presentation of a complex piece by a determined and skilled craftsman. It’s also inspiring to see Wayne adopt a museum piece, but then introduce his own personality into the work.

Thanks to Ana for choosing these challenging projects.

Also thanks to Mark for his energy in helping arrange (and provide perfect photos).

Tim Killen


August 10th & 11th, Gary Rogowski Summer Seminar,
Pat DiMaggio’s shop in Walnut Creek, CA, 8AM-4PM.

Gary Rogowski Summer Seminar Workshop The Art of Inlay. See Rogowski Inlay Workshop Notes

Bob and James

David doing Inlay Banding

Demo by Gary on Prov

Gary being hunted?

Golden Ratio plans

Jim and Jim

Group Shot 3

Huddle up

Golden Rose plan

Len and Dante

Shellac Demo - Day 2


2019 Community Project - Girl Scout Woodworker photos - updated 06/10/2019. Flag Case History - June 19, 2019 - Officer Tara O'Sullivan lost her life while serving her community,as a police officer. The Diablo Woodworkers provided a Memorial Flag Case to the Sacramento Police Department, for the family of Tara. Thank you for supporting the many programs we do, to make a difference.

Show & Tell Cards - News.

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The Diablo Woodworkers would like to extend a hearty welcome to the following new members attending our July 2019 meeting. We hope to see all you on a regular basis.

New members:

  1. 1. Don Lindley
  2. 2. Corey Boudreau

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Click on images to see artists page and enlargements

Kirby Elvin

Marvin Bargagliotti
Marvin Bargagliotti
- Peppermill; Redwood, lacquer.

Pete Nakatani
Pete Nakatani
- Ornaments, Pear, Silk, Oak.

Nate Lunt
Nate Lunt
- Cutting Gauges.


Tim KillenTim Killen - Traditional Chair; Scotch Broom.

David LipscombDavid Lipscomb - Moser Beacon Box; Cherry Shellac.

Gregg Langlois
Gregg Langlois
- Arts & Crafts Footstool;
Cherry, Walnut, Oil, Urethane, Wax.

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Shops of Bill Ridings, California Urban Lumber, 4901 Pacheco Boulevard, Mrtinez

California Urban Lumber mills and sells lumber from trees cut by local municipalities or tree service companies in Northern California. All trees were removed when necessitated by natural mortality, disease or insect damage, new construction, root damage to sidewalks or foundations, wild fire control and storm damage.

Currently there is a strong movement throughout the United States to better utilize urban lumber. California Urban Lumber is proud to mill local, urban timber into high quality lumber, from over 25 different species.

Instead of sending beautiful and unusual logs to be chipped and dumped in a landfill, this company slabs, seasons and sells them for tables, counters and bar tops. Their ingeniously recycled products grace many of San Francisco’s finest restaurants and lounges. The California Urban Lumber team also takes on tasks that exceed the capacity of most of our hobbyist shops.

Our host, Bill Ridings, is the founder and owner of California Urban Lumber. Bill is a good friend of the club and an accomplished woodworker in his own right. He built the substantial and attractive redwood bench that was one of the first items picked off in the raffle at our annual summer picnic.

Many of Bill’s client projects are much larger than the bench we saw. That kind of work requires power tools on steroids. Look for Bill to demonstrate them by slabbing out a log or doing something else cool during our visit.

Bill Ridings shop Bill Ridings shop
Bill Ridings shop Bill Ridings shop
Bill Ridings shop Bill Ridings shop
Bill Ridings shop Bill Ridings
Bill Ridings


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John Lawson
John Lawson
- Platter with Marbling feature.

Mark Hannan
Mark Hannan
- Light string Pull Decoration.

Pete Nakatani
Pete Nakatani
- Plate.

Ed Steffinger
Ed Steffinger
- Pill Box with finial.

Carl Gentry
Carl Gentry
- Classic Drill Set Holders.

Joel Albert
Joel Albert
- Hollow Form with Finial.

Vern Stovall
Vern Stovall
- Platter with Marbling feature.

Pete Nakatani
Pete Nakatani
- Threaded Box with decorative Lid.

Pete Nakatani
Pete Nakatani
- Ornament - Egg Shell with Finials.

Ed Steffinger
Ed Steffinger
- Finger jointed Tissue Box.

Cindy Navarro
Cindy Navarro
- Boxes.

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Memorial Flag Case Project

Since the 9/11 tragedy, the Diablo Woodworkers have channeled some of their woodworking passion into compassion for the families of fallen firefighters and law enforcement officers - the survivors of those who have given their last full measure in protecting others.

We honor those families with memorial flag cases that have been crafted from California (Claro) walnut and accented with silver maple corner splines. Each case is finished with Danish oil and buffed out to a smooth finish.

These memorial flag cases are provided to all law enforcement and firefighting units in the San Francisco Bay area. We are proud to have worked with over 100 families in the past 10 years and will continue to honor the fallen.

Gordon Fry, 925-685-1676 is the Chairperson for this project. Plans for these flag cases are on our club web site.


As you all know, the Diablo Woodworkers provide a terrific community service program,
The Memorial Flag Case, for fallen first responders. Our program reaches out to the men, and woman, who have died in the line of duty. We have been involved in this program, since 911, when our club and many other wood clubs accross the USA, provided over 3000 memorial
flag cases to those who were killed at that disaster.
Well, our supply of flag cases, that we keep on hand, has been depleted, and as the coordinator of this program, needed to make up more cases. I was able to get a great team together, who I want to thank for their expert support.
We spent 3 1/2 days to build, and, what a great job, they did !!!.

 Thanks to;
Joe Arnoth
Butch Brear
Chuck Cottril
Andy Ferguson
Margaret Lyman
Wayne Shipman
David Whittenbrock

Gordon Fry

Flag Case

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