Wayne Stolte's Projects

All participants
All participants in Pembroke Table Presentation
. Feb 2018

Wayne Stolte
Roubo Bookstand
, Mahogany, No finish. Jan 2018

Wayne Stolte
Titanic Deck Chair
, Penafin Oil, Stainless and Brass Fittings. Oct 2017

Wayne Stolte
Inlay Casebox
, Ash & Walnut, Maloof Oil and Poly finish. June 2017

Wayne Stolte
Computer Desk
, Black Walnut (top from Concord Tree), Maloof Poly & Maloof Wax. July 2016

Wayne Stolte
Maloof Inspired Settee,
Claro Walnut (milled by Tim Hale from a Walnut Creek tree), Maloof Oil/Poly + Maloof Oil/Wax. April 2016

Wayne Stolte
Chinese elm and walnut coffee table.
Apr 2015

Wayne Stolte
Maple Tool Box.
Feb 2015

Wayne Stolte
Tool Box
- Dave's Hand Tools Class: Wood is Red Oak. July 2014

Wayne Stolte
Williamsburg Style Garden Bench:
Monterey cypress from Golden Gate Park. July 2014

Wayne Stolte
Case Box
- Tim's Hand Tools Class: Wood is poplar. July 2014

Wayne Stolte
Study in Stools:
Left - Birdseye Maple & Walnut with ebony wedges; Low one - poplar with ebony wedges; and woodshop I stool is cherry and walnut. July 2014

Wayne Stolte
Woodworking II Shaker Table:
Wood is Sapele. July 2014

Wayne Stolte
Birdseye Maple and Walnut Step-stool
. March 2014