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2010 Bunk Beds Activity

On August 3, 2010, a 16-member team of Diablo Woodworkers began the construction of two bunk beds for Camp Concord. (Camp Concord is a city owned and operated family campground located in the Sierra near Lake Tahoe). Planning for this project had been in the works for several months working out the details of the design. The existing bunk beds, in metal, were worn out and falling apart and the city wanted sturdy wooden replacements. They reviewed commercial products but found them weak, built of cheap materials, and less functional.

There are more than thirty bunk beds currently at the camp and all need replacement. The two prototypes, designed and built by Diablo Woodworkers, will help city officials acquire funding to complete the project. Our bunk bed included one full size bed (the bottom bunk) and one twin size bed (the upper bunk). After several drawing review cycles, we all agreed on the design shown in the illustration below. To print plans: 2010-bunk-beds.pdf PDF.

We used about 400 board feet of 5/4, 6/4, and 12/4 thicknesses of yellow poplar delivered by MacBeath Hardwoods. The joinery mainly involved mortise and tenon joints as you can see in the following exploded view. There are also four bed bolts in each bunk that allow disassembly of the beds for shipping.

The Diablo Woodworking team, working in the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Workshop, finished the project on schedule in four days. Christopher Roke, Concord Program Manager for Recreation Services, was very pleased with the finished bunks. He will be installing them at the camp in October.

See photos of the Bunk Bed Team at work.
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