Diablo Woodworkers

2013 Community Projects

Niles Canyon Railway Caboose
Completed Niles Canyon Railway Caboose project

Project Leader: Joe Abel

Joan Englebart receives Hospice Boxes
Joan Englebart receives Hospice Boxes at Kaiser, Martinez.

Description: Diablo Wood Workers will started making more Hospice Boxes in Sept. A team was formed with Joe Abel as team leader and other club members have volunteered to help build theses boxes.

Decorated Hospice Boxe
Decorated Memory Hospice Box.

Cutting Box Sides
Cutting Box Sides.

Sorting Wood
Sorting Wood.

13 poplar Hospice Boxes
13 poplar Hospice Boxes.

Decorated Hospice Boxes
Outside of Decorated Hospice Box by John Dewes.

Planing Wood
Planing Wood.

Inside of Decorated Hospice Box
Inside of Decorated Hospice Box by John Dewes..

Project Leader: David Lipscomb

Disabled Vets in class
The disabled veteran in class with Diablo Woodworkers, 5/3/2013.

February 2014 Veteran's Projects - Update

With what began as a boot strapped dual sawhorse effort in 2011 has now turned into an ongoing class in the Open Shop Projects for the disabled veterans associated with Martinez VA Hospital. And the small beginning of building a few Shaker Boxes (with hand tools of course) has evolved to constructing some of the most challenging projects we build. So here's what the vets have started doing in this winter's course:

Noah Bailey & Jason Deitch - Maloof Lowback Chairs out of silver maple

Bobby Hopkins - a refined and upgraded Shaker Table out of Modesto ash

Again, the majority of work will be with hand tools, and that includes a copious amount of shaping for the Maloof chairs. It should be a fun class for both students and teachers. And thanks for all those who willingly help out here - Ron Kersey, Harold Mantle, Dan Salter, Tim Killen.

~~~ David Lipscomb

5/3/2013. This afternoon we had an Independent Projects Open Shop in which our two vets - Jason Deitch and Noah Bailey - started work on their Shaker Tables. Both were very enthusiastic, and quickly adapted to the shop atmosphere, some noise and all. When we talked about safety and said we do not want any untoward events to occur on our watch, they quickly (and with some humor) responded they had had enough of those in their lives - so no more is their mantra.

We started the session with planing of the four table legs, getting them prepared for mortising. We used the instructor's work bench so only one vet was planing at a time; the other was practicing doing hand chiseling of mortises on a practice piece of oak. Great support was provided by Ron Kersey - he provided a very complete package of S/U drawings with detailed dimensions; Harold Mantle who worked on both the hand mortising and the planing; Dan Salter - got a good head start on making the knobs for the drawers.

Also to be thanked (which I'll do) is MDAE who has made this possible in a pretty magnanimous way: - Disabled Vets have to pay $0 for their classes - that's right $0. - They eased the registration process so all they have to do now is show up.

It's been a rather long and arduous road, but we're finally moving down it, and based on the first session with the vets, I think it's going to be a great trip.

6/3/2013 photos follow:

Harold Mantle's Demonstration
Harold Mantle's Demonstration
Dry Fitting Table
Dry Fitting Table

Fit Dovetail
Fit Dovetail

Glueing and Clamping
Gluing and Clamping

Project Leader: Tim Killen

Adirondack Project Photo
The DW and Adirondack chair includes many of the members working on the 10 chairs for Camp Okizu.

June 16, 2013 - Tim Killen is working with the folks at camp Okizu to make them more chairs. That will be later this year.

Description: Camp Okizu near Oroville, CA, is a camp for cancer kids and their families. It provides peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs to meet the needs of all members of families affected by childhood cancer. The camp needs seating on the veranda of the main lodge. Tim Killen organized and led a team of Diablo Woodworkers which met at Jim Lemke's shop. Over four days the team constructed 10 Adirondack chairs to fill this need. They used redwood obtained from Bill Ridings of California Urban Lumber. The chairs need just a few finishing touches and a coat of oil before delivery.

Click here for more Photos: Adirondack - Okizu

Okizu web site: http://www.okizu.org/

Article in CC Times on 3/27/2013 below:

Good Neighbors by Faith Barnidge: Diablo Woodworkers build friendships to help young cancer patients, families

Across Central Contra Costa County, individuals and organizations establish friendships and partnerships to better our communities and help families who need assistance. Contributions come in many forms -- event fundraisers, special sales, gifts of time and more.

Building friendship

Diablo Woodworkers Club volunteers from Concord, Walnut Creek, Martinez, Lafayette and Orinda are building Adirondack chairs for the Okizu recreational and family camp that supports children with cancer and their families.

Woodworker and team leader Tim Killen learned of this need from his grandson, a previous leukemia patient. The large veranda of the lodge had limited seating for patients or visitors.

Jim Lemke, one of the team members, offered his shop in Pleasanton for the construction work. California Urban Lumber in Martinez and its sawyer, Bill Ridings, agreed to provide the redwood at a very good price.

Okizu is committed to the continuing support of the childhood cancer community through its oncology and siblings camping programs, family weekends, bereavement programs, and teen and young adult programs held in a lovely lakeside permanent campsite in Berry Creek. For more information on Okizu, visit www.okizu.org.

Woodworker volunteers also teach spring classes on routine preventive maintenance and safety of woodworking equipment beginning in late April at Mt. Diablo Adult Education, 1 Santa Barbara Road in Pleasant Hill.

To register, call adult education at 925-937-1530, ext. 3990. Registration usually starts about three weeks before classes are scheduled to start. Call 925-685-7340 for more information or http://www.mtdiabloadulted.org, or visit www.diablowoodworkers.com.


Project Leader: Harold Mantle

June 16, 2013 - Harold Mantle got together with the folks in charge of refurbishing the beacon light on top of Mt. Diablo to determine size and dimensions for a box to hold the glass louvers. He made the first Beacon Louver Box and a second box is planned to be made soon. Read about the Beacon Restoration at

Beacon shell with reflecting mirror at the back
Beacon shell with reflecting mirror at the back of the Beacon
louver box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
Louver Beacon Box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
louver box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
Louver Beacon Box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
louver box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
Louver Beacon Box for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
Finished Louver Box with louvers inside for Mt. Diablo Light Beacon
Finished Louver Box containing the antique glass from the Mt. Diablo Beacon

Project Leader: George Lucido

PH Art Wine Festival TreesJudy Sosnowski, a longtime friend of Diablo Woodworkers, and a retired manager of the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Program, is now engaged in a variety of volunteer activities. One of those is helping to manage the annual Pleasant Hill Art, Jazz and Wine festival which is scheduled for October 5th and 6th. Judy needed a pair of tree outlines made for the festival to serve as direction signs for the festival's children's activities. George Lucido, Ed Steffinger and Stan Caldwell came to the rescue and produced two six foot tall plywood trees. Local artists now will take over the project and paint the trees and add the signs.

Project Leader: Gordon Fry

An e-mail from a den leader asking if I could met with the den to show them a little about woodworking resulted in lots of discussion and ideas, one of which was to visit the adult school and see a real wood shop. Jeff ran with this and got permission from the school. Gordon became aware and volunteered to show the cubs how the equipment works. This turned into Gordon suggesting we make tool box kits for the cubs like he had done at a previous family outing event.

Gordon, Rich and I along with a few other folks in Cordon's class put together kits for 10 cubs. They will come to the wood shop Nov 5th from 4:30 to 5:30 PM for a demonstration of some of the shop equipment and how to put the tool box together. There will be a kit for each cub to take home and assemble at their next den meeting. The club picked up the cost of the wood for the kits.

Bob Barnett

Gordon (r) and helpers
Gordon (r) and helpers.

Cutting Ends
Cutting Ends.

Wrapping Toolbox Kits
Wrapping Toolbox Kits.

Drilling nail holes
Drilling toolbox nail holes.

Drilling handle holes
Drilling toolbox handle holes.

2013 Cub Scouts Project
Gordon Fry giving the cub scouts some woodworking lessons.

2013 Cub Scouts Project

2013 Cub Scouts Project

Project Leader: Harold Mantle and Tim Killen

Tim and I were there to fulfill a request from Roger Ranch that Diablo Woodworkers have a booth at their fall festival. Our "booth" was basically our portable workbench that Tim developed for the work we did with the vets at Martinez and a shave horse. We got lots of foot traffic (young, old and in between), and passed out slips with our website address. - By Harold Mantle

Harold Mantle and I managed the Diablo Woodworkers presence at the Rogers Ranch Fall Festival. There were a number of people, including woodworkers, who were unaware of our club and it's activities. Hopefully we see new visitors at next month's meeting.

Also there were a number of small children that seemed excited to saw a board and spokeshave a green olive branch. - By Tim Killen

Gordon (r) and helpers
Harold (r) and helpers.

Gordon (r) and helpers
Girl trying out the shave horse

Gordon (r) and helpers
Looking over the grounds at the Festival.