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2016 Community Projects

Project Overview: The Diablo Woodworkers have been reaching out to non-profit organizations for woodworking opportunities. In addition, we get calls from others who have heard of our work. Please use the Index of Community Projects below.

Ruth Bancroft Garden Benches

November News - The Ruth Bancroft Garden bench design was more suited to be a milling project. The Garden representative thanked us for our interest so far but don't need our services. This project is now closed.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden will be removing a Deodar Cedar tree to make way for a new entrance to the garden. We're working with the garden and architect to firm up timing and design.

Ruth Bancroft Garden Benches    Ruth Bancroft Garden Benches

Sea Scouts Bookshelves

February 2017 News - Last year the Diablo Woodworkers were asked to help The Sea Scouts in developing storage units for their base In Martinez. A team was assembled to make 5 storage units, 2 of which were built with compartments, to hold a number of navigational charts. The team consisted of; Duke Herrero, David Greenhill, Ross Dileo, Jimmy Wong, and,Gordon Fry, and not to forget , our ever present photographer, Peggy Gipps.

The project was a 15 hour work session, spread over 3 weeks, and on Saturday Feburary 7th we installed the units at their base, A fun and rewarding project.

Thanks to the team of fun and energetic folks.

Sea Scouts Bookshelves
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The enclosed photos show 4 of the 5 cabinets in their closets. The Sea Scouts were quite appreciative of our work!
Small Bookcase
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December News - Gordon Fry, along with elves Duke Herrero, Ross Delio, Dave Greenhill and Jimmy Wong have almost completed the shelves for the Sea Scouts, to be delivered to their base in January. See last three photos for Sea Scouts below.

November News - We have purchased wood for the Sea Scout bookshelves. Project leader Gordon Fry and his elves started working on the shelves and drawing bins for the scouts on November 16. A total of 4 shelves, built in pieces, will be built with a tall bookcase and shelving in one closet and the drawing bins and small bookcase (shown below) in the other. The drawing bins will have to be built in several sections to get them into the closet. Gordon started the project with the bookcase shown.

We got a request from the Sea Scouts (a sub-group of the Boy Scouts) to help modernize their building at the base in Martinez. Gordon Fry is leading this project. This project will involve putting bookcases and cases for navigational charts into two triangular-shaped, porthole-windowed closets in the lobby area. The design is in process and the Scouts have given the green light for spending. We will soon be asking for experienced cabinet makers for the team.

Grass Valley Elementary School

December 2016 - See photos from the garden box building exercise at the school.

November 2016 - Diablo Woodworkers helped students at Grass Valley Elementary School make garden boxes from kits made by Club members November 1 – 4. The students enjoyed the experience, as did the teachers and club members who helped out. The team members then made up some more kits for sale at the Craft Fair at Pleasant Hill Adult Ed on December 3 (9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).

We got a request from Grass Valley Elementary School in Oakland to help the students make garden boxes as part of their program to teach self-sufficiency. Tim Killen volunteered to lead this project. Several club members gathered on a Wednesday to make the parts for 85 of the boxes. They have now trained the teachers how to make the boxes, and will help the students on the week of October 31.

Grass Valley Elementary School 01   Grass Valley Elementary School 02   Grass Valley Elementary School 03
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Grass Valley Elementary School 04   Grass Valley Elementary School 05   Grass Valley Elementary School 06
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Grass Valley Elementary School 07   Grass Valley Elementary School 08
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PHEC Craft Fair – December 3, 2016

Diablo Woodworkers finances our Community Projects partly from the Craft Fair held every December at Pleasant Hill Education Center. This partnership also helps strengthen our relationship with the school and allows us use of the school for our meetings. This year, we have open classroom time dedicated for use of Community Projects, the Craft Fair and the raffle Maloof Chair project. We’d love to have help making quality items suitable for sale at the Fair. Gordon Fry has led the project tirelessly for the past 10 years, but is moving on. Ron Kersey has graciously agreed to pick up the reins and continue our tradition. We’re looking for more elves to help out, and if you work in the classroom, you might even find some wood available for use! Contact Ron Kersey .

The class title will be “Community Projects”, enabling other groups to use the room.

Library Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel
- already completed for Flight Night at the Pleasant Hill Library on January 11.  Dave Wittenbrock and his library contact built a wind tunnel to demonstrate lift on an airplane wing.  The library contact reported that the Flight Night event was a success.  The attached picture shows a paper airplane in the visible portion of the wind tunnel.

Adirondack Chairs for Camp Okizu

Camp Okizu - a camp for kids with cancer has requested more Adirondack Chairs. Tim Killen is leading this project which has a team in place. Construction will take place in March.

This is the second time that the Diablo Woodworkers Club brings some art, in the form of Adirondack chairs, to Camp Okizu in the beautiful Plumas National Forest. The camp supports children with cancer and their families, providing a fun environment where the children and their siblings can enjoy regular camp activities. It offers respite from the illness, treatment and complications that keeps them confined to hospitals and homes. Okizu has been operating for 35 years in a collaborative effort with the pediatric oncology treatment centers in Northern California. It was because of his grandson that Tim Killen, Diablo Woodworker Club member and team leader of the Adirondack chairs project, found out about Okizu.

Tim organized and led a team of dedicated woodworkers: Robert Brockman, Kathleen Corrigan, Pat Dimaggio, Duke Herrero, Dave Howe, Dewayne Ruwe, Wayne Stolte and David Wittenbrock, who gave up their Easter weekend to build these striking chairs at Pat’s shop in the shadow of Mount Diablo. Tim’s grandson, Adam Boegel, who also helped build the chairs, has gone to the camp for ten years and is proud to say that the kids run past the plastic chairs to sit on the Adirondacks. The chairs have been placed on the veranda and the dock facing the woods and the lake, welcoming visitors and campers alike. This year the group made four more chairs and one settee from two stacks of old growth redwood donated by Hank Haugse in Walnut Creek. The wood was weathered and dirty, but the club has ran it through a jointer and thickness planer to clean it up and re-sawed when necessary to make it thinner, then they cut the wood and assembled it. The result: Four chairs and one settee that will witness generations of laughter and joy.

Two DiabloWoodworkers families, the Boegels and the Howes, will be delivering the four chairs and settee made in March, to Camp Okizu. Both families have used the camp in the past. Delivery is set for the weekend of May 21. For more information on the Adirondack chair project, please read the April 2016 Community Projects Report.

For more information about Camp Oziku check their website: http://okizu.org/.

For more information about Diablo Woodworkers Club go to https://diablowoodworkers.com/


Top left: Adirondack Setee, top right: Adirondack chairs,
Bottom left: Let's mill the lumber
, Bottom right: Applying oil finish

On May 21, 2016, we delivered new old-growth redwood Adirondack chairs to Camp Okizu. With four chairs and one settee, we used two trucks for the 3-hour trip to the camp in the Sierra foothills. Dave Howe (member Diablo Woodworkers, and on the team who built the chairs) and his son James, managed one truck. Tim Killen and Adam Boegel handled the other truck.

Upon delivery we were greeted with several camp employees who helped move the chairs onto the large veranda surrounding the main assembly building. The new chairs were placed next to many of the older Adirondacks we delivered in April 2013. See picture below.

Adirondack Chairs delivered

Museum of the San Ramon Valley Display: “Community Quilts and Crafts” May 20 – July 3, 2016

The Museum is looking for wood items from Diablo Woodworkers to display in their upcoming exhibit starting in May. The items should be small(ish) so that they can be safely displayed in cases. They’d like 1-2 progress displays, meaning showing the starting materials, midpoint construction and the final result. If desired, the finished result could be a photograph. They would also like some information about the craftperson – name, city, whether they do woodworking professionally or as a hobby, etc. Any exhibits should be to the museum by May 3 or to Peggy Gipps before April 29 when she will be visiting the museum. Contact Peggy Gipps ( or 925-683-2112) if you have items to display. So far we have been offered intarsia, turned items, items from the Craft Fair, and carved items.

Diablo Woodworkers is sharing the pictures from the Power Point Display of previous projects. They will run the pictures in the display room continuously. The museum may also print some photographs and display them on walls. We have given them our club brochures and business cards for people to learn more about us. For more information check out their website on www.museumsrv.org.

The Diablo Woodworkers' exhibit in the Museum of the San Ramon Valley at 205 Railroad Avenue in Danville will continue until July 10, a week past the quilt exhibit.

In May, our Community Projects team has been gathering items for the Museum of the San Ramon Valley in Danville.   Starting May 23 and continuing until June 10, DWW-made items will be on  display in the waiting room. The items and slide show will be shown in conjunction with the quilt exhibit. Thanks go to our exhibitors Gordon Fry,  Bob Barnett, Stan Caldwell, Peggy Gipps and club friend Don DeRoeck. They provided the items, some of which are for sale. Come by and support the club, or just see what the museum is all about. While you're there,  check out the large storage cabinet on the platform behind the museum. That cabinet was a former Community Project.

June 11, Peggy Gipps gave a talk at the Museum about the Diablo Woodworkers, Pleasant Hill Adult Ed classes, and brought some of the items she's made. Bob Barnett and Stan Caldwell, both presenters of exhibit items, attended also, and helped to answer questions.

The audience was particularly interested in two functions that the club performs: tool sales and urban lumber harvesting. They were pleased to know that it's possible not to have their trees turned into wood chips.

Scholarship – Laney College Woodworking Program
The Diablo Woodworkers Club has accumulated funds from members’ tool donations which are then sold, and from the annual Craft Fair. In an effort to encourage young men and women to continue woodworking, we are pleased to announce that we have started a scholarship program at the Woodworking Technology program at Laney College in Oakland. The scholarship is best described in the words of David Lipscomb, who worked with Laney on establishing the scholarship:

  • The scholarship will be named "The Diablo Woodworkers Bill Tarleton Scholarship" in honor of the founder of Diablo Woodworkers.
  • The primary objective of the Laney Wood Technology program is to help students obtain a career in woodworking.
  • Laney College would be responsible for choosing a student for a semester scholarship.  This will (in almost all cases) be a student who is in their first semester and has shown both a financial need, and the determination and aptitude to move to the next level of work.
  • Laney College will have the Diablo Woodworker application completed, and make a recommendation for who is to receive a scholarship.
  • The proposed amount of the scholarship is $500 per semester for a total of $1,000 (2 semesters).  
  • The second scholarship will be offered to the same student if they have demonstrated excellence in woodworking skills and business acumen (e.g. communications, team building, etc.)
  • The selected student will make a presentation on their project(s) to the Diablo Woodworkers at one of their regular monthly meetings.  Department Chair and instructors are welcome to attend.

Diablo Woodworkers plan to continue the scholarship in future years for additional students.  We will report progress in the Community Projects section of the newsletter.

Shelter, Inc. – This homeless center has given us a list of potential projects, including a redwood table and chairs, chairs for the smoking area, at least one planter box. Next on their list is a lobby makeover in the Antioch shelter. They need to determine a style before we can scope the project.

Pleasant Hill Library Boats – As a result of having display cases in the Pleasant Hill Library, Dave Wittenbrock has learned about the activities planned for elementary school students in the evenings. Recently, Diablo Woodworkers gathered to make kits for boats for the kids to assemble and float. Their leader, Patrick Remer, talked about the program to the team and thanked us for their help.

The kits have now been delivered to the library.

Team members: Gordon Fry, Dave Wittenbrock, Jeff Traeger, Wayne Shipman, Bob Barnett, Virendra Jain.

Pleasant Hill Library Boats
Patrick Remer explains the program
while Dave Wittenbrock and Jeff Traeger watch.
Pleasant Hill Library Boats
Wayne Shipman has a cool trick to cut many pieces the same size.
The cut pieces drop into place under the stop block.

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