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2018 Community Projects

Project Overview: The Diablo Woodworkers have been reaching out to non-profit organizations for woodworking opportunities. In addition, we get calls from others who have heard of our work. Please use the Index of Community Projects below.

Sleepy Hollow Maker Faire - July 2018

2018 Sleepy Hollow Maker Faire Thank You   2018 Sleepy Hollow Maker Faire Thank You
Thank You Note and a BIG HEARTFELT WAVE. The project is completed. Click on images to enlarge

Sleepy Hollow Elementary School Maker Faire - Late May 2018

Sleepy Hollow Maker Fair Team   Many Diablo Woodworkers showed up to help in constructing bench parts and help Sleepy Hollow Elementary 3rd 5th graders assemble the benches. Click on TEAM PHOTO image to enlarge --->

   The kids enjoyed the event so much that they built the benches and took them apart four times so all the kids could participate. They also had a separate station where the kids could saw wood, file, drive screws with the driver drills and sand.

   Duke predicts that he will be invited to another Maker Fair next year. If you missed this year's, you still have another chance!

  • Dave Wittenbrock
  • Jeff Traeger
  • Tim Killen
  • Joe Abel
  • Harold Mantle
  • Tom Baily
  • Christine Loehrlein
  • Bob Ebe
  • ..others?
  • Project leader, Duke Herrero

May 2018

Duke's construction team met on April 25th at Duke Herrera's shop to cut wood for the 4 benches that will be assembled at the school May 24th.


March 2018

Maker Faire at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, Orinda May 24 Duke Herrero, Leader.

Orinda's Sleepy Hollow Elementary School is having a Makers Faire on Thursday, May 24th. Duke Herrero is heading a team to man a woodworking station. Their plan is to build four park benches. There will be a work party before the event to precut and predrill the components. It is expected to have somewhere around 150 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. The goal is to have the kids do as much as possible. They will cut wood to final dimensions, drill wood screws, shape with files and spokeshaves, and sand. The benches will then remain at the school. Anyone interested in helping before and/or on May 24th, contact: Duke Herrero , 510.332.7866.

He can use all the help he can get!


MARCH 2018 

Pleasant Hill Library Maker Fair Dave Wittenbrock, Leader.

Dave Wittenbrock is working with the Pleasant Hill Library to get kids 5-13 years old engaged in hands-on activities. Once again, Bill Ridings of Urban Lumber has offered a great discount for redwood for the project. In the late summer or fall, the kids will build simple bird houses from kits, taking about an hour of actual building time. He needs help with both making the kits (Team 1) and helping the kids to make them (Team 2). Each team should have 8-10 members. Dates and times for Team 1 will be set once the team is in place. The library is working on dates for Team 2. Please let Dave know if you'd like to be on one or both of the teams.


In June, members assembled at the Pleasant Hill Adult Ed woodshop to assemble kits for the library Maker Faire bird houses. Dave had plenty of volunteers and they where able to make 120 bird houses. Maker dates to build with the kids at the library are set, Sept. 10th & 11th. Dave has plenty of DW members signed up and ready to go for both days. Click on images to enlarge.


In September, members and children assembled the birdhouses at the library. Dave had plenty of volunteers and they where able to make 120 bird houses. Click on images to enlarge.

image001 image002 image003
image004 image005 image006
collage_01m collage_02m.jpg collage_03m.jpg
collage_04m collage_05m.jpg

2016 December Raffle Maloof Rocking ChairMaloof Style Rocking Chair for Xmas Raffle

The 2018 Xmas Raffle Project is a Maloof Rocking Chair (click on image to enlarge). The rocking chair will be raffled at the December 2018 Club Meeting.

Scholarship – Laney College Woodworking Program
The Diablo Woodworkers Club has accumulated funds from members’ tool donations which are then sold, and from the annual Craft Fair. In an effort to encourage young men and women to continue woodworking, we are pleased to announce that we have started a scholarship program at the Woodworking Technology program at Laney College in Oakland. The scholarship is best described in the words of David Lipscomb, who worked with Laney on establishing the scholarship:

  • The scholarship will be named "The Diablo Woodworkers Bill Tarleton Scholarship" in honor of the founder of Diablo Woodworkers.
  • The primary objective of the Laney Wood Technology program is to help students obtain a career in woodworking.
  • Laney College would be responsible for choosing a student for a semester scholarship.  This will (in almost all cases) be a student who is in their first semester and has shown both a financial need, and the determination and aptitude to move to the next level of work.
  • Laney College will have the Diablo Woodworker application completed, and make a recommendation for who is to receive a scholarship.
  • The proposed amount of the scholarship is $500 per semester for a total of $1,000 (2 semesters).  
  • The second scholarship will be offered to the same student if they have demonstrated excellence in woodworking skills and business acumen (e.g. communications, team building, etc.)
  • The selected student will make a presentation on their project(s) to the Diablo Woodworkers at one of their regular monthly meetings.  Department Chair and instructors are welcome to attend.

Diablo Woodworkers plan to continue the scholarship in future years for additional students.  We will report progress in the Community Projects section of the newsletter.


Contra Costa County Bicycle Safety September 2017 News - Contra Costa County runs a free bicycle safety program for all ages. They have portable equipment which they take all over the county to set up a course with bicycle lanes, cars and buildings, anywhere in the county. One of the attached photos shows part of the setup.

The cars and buildings are in a sad state of disrepair and need to be replaced. Some of the buildings that will be replaced are shown in the attached photos. The existing buildings are built out of plastic, and are very expensive to buy. The County has asked if we could remake the buildings and cars out of wood, probably 1/4" plywood. We have space restrictions because all of the equipment including bicycles and helmets, fits into a 48" x 96" trailer.

The existing buildings have trouble standing up in the stiff Richmond winds, so the new design will need to take up wind resistance or allowance in the new design.

I'm looking for a few good folks to brainstorm ideas, and come up with a design, and build the buildings. Please contact Peggy Gipps, if you want to help out in this community project.

OCTOBER 2017 NEWS for Bicycle Safety buildings: We are looking for folks to help build our bicycle safety village, starting in January 2018. If you're interested, please e-mail Peggy Gipps PGippsy@gmail.com and let me know which days work best for you: mornings or afternoons, Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays. I'll find a day / time that works best for everyone. Monday mornings and Thursdays, the shop class will be available. For other times or days, we'll have to use a member's shop.

MAY 2018 NEWS - See photos of the plans below.

JUNE 2018 BICYCLE SAFETY NEWS - See photos of building the Bicycle Safety Project Here is another project completed by the Team Diablo Woodworkers

We were tasked to replicate a Bike Safety display, used to teach Bike Safety to youth bicyclists.

Here is another project by the Team Diablowoodworkers. We were tasked to replicate a Bike Safety display, used to teach bike safety to youth bicyclists. Gordon Fry's class, Project for Home and Yard, took on the challenge. There were 8 stand up images of assorted buildings and vehicles. We constructed them from 1/2"" marine plywood and made cut outs for the bus and car and home, as well as display stand ups for the other buildings It was a great learning project for those involved, not only for the engineering, but the construction.

We would like to thank those who helped:

JULY 2018 BICYCLE SAFETY NEWS - The County has picked up the buildings for the bicycle safety village. Our contact thanked us profusely and stated that we'd gone far beyond their expectations. They promise to send us pictures of the finished product.

  • Duke Herrero
  • Jenny Barnett
  • Shelly Bogatin
  • Mike Brown
  • Gail Chesler
  • Peggy Gipps
  • Bob Riddel
  • Butch Brear
  • Sheila Yeh
  • Margaret Craw
  • Project leader, Gordon Fry
Bicycle Safety 001
Bicycle Safety 001

Bicycle Safety 002
Bicycle Safety 002

Bicycle Safety 003
Bicycle Safety 003

Bicycle Safety 004
Bicycle Safety 004

Bicycle Safety 005
Bicycle Safety 005

Bicycle Safety 006
Bicycle Safety 006

Bicycle Safety 007
Bicycle Safety 007

Bicycle Safety 008
Bicycle Safety 008

Bicycle Safety 009
Bicycle Safety 009

Building the Bicycle Safety Project - JUNE 2018

Bicycle Safety 010
Gordon and Butch attach piano hinges. Sheila works in background.

Bicycle Safety 011
Mike attaches a chain to the hinge-topped car.

Bicycle Safety 012
Jenny and Margaret put feet (for sandbags) on the building legs.

Bicycle Safety 013
Sheila cuts the cleats for the hinges.

Bicycle Safety 014
Back of the house - completed. Will fold up flat.

Bicycle Safety 017
Sandbag "foot" detail.

Bicycle Safety 015
Gail attaches the handles to the house.

Bicycle Safety 016
Gordon, Mike and Gail work on handles.

Bicycle Safety 018
Building back showing handles and hook to hold it all together.

Bicycle Safety 019
Gordon Fry and Clayton Johnson load a building for delivery to the County.

Miscellaneous Photos

Gordon Fry makes the final drawings for a project
Gordon Fry makes the final drawings for a project
Ron Kersey works on the Maloof Rocker for the December raffle
Ron Kersey works on the Maloof Rocker for the December raffle.
Ami King gets ready to glue
Ami King gets ready to glue.
Mike Brown glues up a panel
Mike Brown glues up a panel.
Butch Brear sands a bowl for the Craft Fair
Butch Brear sands a bowl for the Craft Fair.
Bob Ridell gets ready to make a cut
Bob Ridell gets ready to make a cut.
Jenny resaws a board
Jenny resaws a board.
Nancy Hartman drills a puzzle piece
Nancy Hartman drills a puzzle piece.
Virendra Jain and Bob Bailey work on Craft Fair items
Virendra Jain and Bob Bailey work on Craft Fair items.
Community Project team made a table for the sewing class
Community Project team made a table for the sewing class.

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