Bob Kreider's Projects

Bob Kreider

Bob has moved to Anacortes, Washington to be near his son and daughter and his beautiful bowls are now displayed in the entryway to his new senior home (shown above and right). November 2012
Bob Kreider

Bob Kreider
A bowl made with Purple Heart, Padok and plywood. September 2009

Bob Kreider
An interesting lidded turning. June 2009

Yellow Charger for under a dinner plate. Dec. 2008

Two spent rifle cartridges made a beautiful brass pen.
Sept. 2008

An Oval Segmented Bowl. May 2008

A recent turning he called a "Dog Bowl", even though he doesn't have a dog. Feb. 2008
A picture of his new display shelves for his large collection of bowls
A picture of his new display shelves for his large collection of bowls. July 2007

Feb. 2007 A small turned bowl.
Dec. 2006 A handful of home turned knitting needles.
Dec. 2006 A PVC pipe cane.
Dec. 2006 A mahogany Tray.
Nov. 2006 A spalted Japanese Black Pine bowl.
Oct. 2006 Two bowls made from a backyard tree.
June 2006 A softwood bowl.
May 2006 Two Alder Bowls.
April 2006 A serving tray.
Dec. 2005 A madrone bowl.
Oct. 2005 A madrone and red epoxy bowl.
July 2005 Another oval segmented bowl of different contrasting woods.
April 2005 A marvelous oval bowl made by cutting a segmented bowl in half and gluing the two halves together at their top rims.
Feb. 2005 An Ash Bowl with inlayed rim.
Jan. 2005 The whole Solar System.
Dec. 2004 A terrific segmented bowl.
Nov. 2004 A segmented bowl of walnut and Concord Oak.
Sept. 2004 Bob described a manometer he built to show the changes in the pickup pressure performance of his dust collector. When the difference is significant Bob knows to turn off the collector and shake the upper bag to get the fine dust to fall to the lower bag with a resulting improved pickup performance.
April 2004 His latest non-successful turning. Keep trying Bob!
March 2004 A creative idea using a roller blade wheel inertia sander.