Don Koth's Projects

A few new turnings.
A few new turnings. Oct. 2006.
Some lovely lidded turnings and a vase.
Some lovely lidded turnings and a vase. June 2005.
Two turned vases.
Two turned vases. April 2006.

Dec. 2005 Treasure Box.
Nov. 2005 Scrap wood goblets.
Oct. 2005 A marvelous manzanita and California Laurel lidded segmented vessel.
Sept. 2005 A segmented turned drum of Canary wood, blood wood, and yellow heart.
July 2005 A wonderful segmented turnings.
June 2005 A stunning turned segmented coat rack.
May 2005 Another colorful vase.
April 2005 Large segmented vessels.
March 2005 Two bright segmented turnings.
Feb. 2005 A beautiful turned hollow vessel.
Dec. 2004 December Candle Holder Challenge.
Dec. 2004 An osage orange lidded bowl.
Sept. 2004 A beautiful lidded bowl.
July 2004 Several small segmented bowls using yellow heart, maple, koa, bublinga, zebrawood.
June 2004 A marvelous Osage Orange wooden bowl.