Ed and Mary Ralston's Projects

outdoor chest to store gardening stuff
4 Way Wrap Around Simple Boxes.
We [Ed and Mary] made a few 4 way wrap around simple boxes. I wanted a box to store my shop face mask, so Mary found a piece of Honey Locus that we had milled from our neighbors trees several years ago that was thick enough to resaw and get book matched boards to make a box for the mask. Using wood left over from Jeff Traeger's box making class, we also made a small box that we used to check out our spline cutting jig. We made a spline jig that clamps to an existing sled, but it is apparently not mounted exactly perpendicular to the saw blade since the spline is larger than the 1/8 saw blade by 2 playing card thickness. But I can not think of this making any problem, we just had to make to splines fit the slots. Mary finished the boxes with shellac and then wax. August 2020

Ed and Mary Ralston
Oven Helper
- Mary saw this oven helper in WoodSmith magazine and, since she had just had a slight oven burn, wanted to try this idea. These are very easy to make. After making a few prototyoes to get a size that fit her hand, we made 10 of them in one day. The wood we used was some birds eye maple from recycled 150 year old flooring and some pear wood that we milled from logs left outside the turners class room about 2 years ago. We finished them just with wax.

Here are some of the ones we made and below shows one in use. December 2020.

Ed and Mary Ralston