Gary Seybold

Gary Seybold's Projects

Gary Seybold
January 2020

Gary Seybold
Classic Tools.
April 2019

Gary Seybold
Animal puzzles
, Cherry and Natural finish. November 2018

Gary Seybold
Jewelry Box of purple heart and poplar with oil finish.
September 2015

Gary Seybold
Refinished Desk, open. June 2013.

Gary Seybold
Refinished Desk, closed. June 2013.
Gary Seybold
A Jewelry Frame, Skiing Santa and a Turned Bottle. Dec. 2010.
Gary Seybold
A Picture Frame and some Storm Lamps. Dec 2009

Gary Seybold
Some turned lidded bowls. Dec. 2008.
Several Treasure Boxes for the Toy Project.
Several Treasure Boxes for the Toy Project. Oct. 2008.
a desk clock with compartments.
A desk clock with compartments for his very busy office life! Feb. 2008.
A variety of project, turnings, chip-carvings and a box.
A variety of project, turnings, chip-carvings and a box. Dec. 2007.

A photo of his new work bench. July 2007.

One of the many lidded boxes he has made for the Toy Project. July 2007.

April 2007 Several recent turning projects and his first attempt at making a musical tone box.
March 2007 A turned wooden flute, (an egg, lidded box and a vase not shown).
Dec. 2006 Face Carvings and more.
Nov. 2006 Two toy cars and a bowl made from firewood.
Oct. 2006 A lovely lidded turned box.
Oct. 2006 A whole lot of toys, puzzles and boxes he made for the 2006 Toy Project.
June 2006 Small turned lidded box.
May 2006 New Turned Pens.
Feb. 2006 Some wonderful animal puzzles.
Jan. 2006 A bunch of colorful turned pens.
Dec. 2005 Dec. 2005 Toy Challenge Cute Pull Toys
Dec. 2005 Magazine Rack.
Oct. 2004 Two treasure boxes made from the Concord Valley Oak.
July 2004 Custom business card holders with names scrolled sawed.
April 2004 A terrific lap chip collector for carving in front of the TV.
Dec. 2003 any small turnings, Pens, Oil Lamps, Ornaments, Pots and Bottle Stoppers.
Oct. 2003 An attractive jewelry box.