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George Lucido
Philadelphia Rod-Back Armchair
, circa 1800. Pine seat, Mahogany arms, Hickory crest-rail and Ash for everything else. Windsor chair #40. July 2020.

George Lucido
Double Rod-Back armchair
, circa 1800, New England. Pine seat and ash everywhere else, milk paint finish. This is Windsor chair #39 for me. It is going to a great-niece. June 2020.

George Lucido
Another Windsor chair.
May 2020.

George Lucido
Philadelphia fan-back Windsor chair.
Pine, ash and mahogany arms with milk paint finish. Completed April, 2020, Windsor chair #36. April 2020.

George Lucido
Windsor Style Chair
. Sept 2019.

George Lucido
Windsor Style Rocking Chair
, Ash, Pine, gray milk paint. July 2019.

George Lucido
Hepplewhite style solid cherry sideboard
, circa 1780 February 2019.

George Lucido
Late 18th century Windsor settee
, pine seat, ash arms and legs, walnut crest-rail, milk paint. Made for my grand-daughter. February 2019

George Lucido
Windsor Boston Fanback Child's Rocker
- Pine/Ash/Oak, Milk Paint to follow. January 2017.

George Lucido
Windsor Boston
. January 2017.

George Lucido
Rocking chair - claro walnut with tung oil finish. Took 5 months to build.
July 2016.

George Lucido
Tyrollean Chair.
Mahogany, Shellac. March 2016.

George Lucido
Spalted Bowl view 1. Oct 2013.

George Lucido
Spalted Bowl view 2. Oct 2013

George Lucido
Walnut Bowl. May 2013.

George Lucido
A headboard for my grandson. The bats are all from the 50ís and 60ís with the Willie Mays in the center. April 2013

George Lucido
Triple Back Windsor Chair. Jan. 2013

George Lucido
Walnut Bowl made for December meeting raffle at the Gallery Concord. Nov. 2012

George Lucido
A Philadelphia Comb Back Windsor Chair. June 2012
George Lucido
Boston Brace Fanback Chair. May 2012

George Lucido
A beautiful Turned Bowl. Jan. 2012
George Lucido
Natural edge turned bowl. Sept. 2011
George Lucido
Turned Bowl. Sept. 2011
George Lucido
Beautiful Segmented Vase. July 2011

George Lucido
Turned Bowls made from local trees. May 2011
George Lucido

This is a "Windsor braced Fanback side chair", circa 1780 design. The seat is made from Eastern white pine and the rest of the chair is made from locally harvested ash. The finish is two coats of milk paint with a final coat of Linseed oil. Note the red paint showing thru where 230 years of wear rubbed the black paint off. This is my sixth Windsor chair made in Tim Killen's "classic furniture class" and more are coming. April 2011

George Lucido
Another Windsor Chair. March 2011
George Lucido
"Braced continuous arm Windsor chair", the original (modified here) circa 1800 is a Connecticut style chair. The seat is made from Eastern white pine from Vermont and the rest of the chair is made from local Modesto ash. It has two coats of milk paint; one red, one black and finished with linseed oil and lots of elbow grease. This chair was made in Tim Killen's classic furniture making class. Dec. 2010.

George Lucido
A beautiful segmented Bowl. Oct. 2010
George Lucido
Another Windsor Chair. Nov. 2010

George Lucido
Claro Walnut Bowl. Sept. 2010.

George Lucido
Carob Bowl. Sept. 2010.
George Lucido

This is a Connecticut style, circa 1800, sack-back-Windsor chair made under the direction of Tim Killen. The seat is made from Monterey cyprus, the legs and stretchers are from local silver maple and the bows and spindles are Modesto ash, finished with milk paint and linseed oil. It took me 15 weeks to complete the chair, a bit slow but worth the effort. July 2010.

Mar. 2010
A Morter and Pestle.
Jan. 2010
Another lovely Segmented Vases.
Jan. 2010
A lovely Segmented Vases.
Dec. 2009
This is a Pennsylvania style braced fanback Windsor arm chair made for my daughter Nanette, as a Christmas gift. The seat is made from Monterey pine and the rest of the chair is Modesto ash, finished with two coats of milk paint, first red and then black.
Nov. 2009
A birthday present for my two year old grand-daughter. The wood is ash with a golden brown dye. The mane and tail were made by Mary from yarn and the ears are leather.
June 2009
"Massachusetts fan-back Windsor chair". All of the wood except the seat and the arms was made into lumber by Bill Tarleton from an ash tree that grew in Martinez. The chair was made under the direction of Tim Killen.
March 2009
George's granddaughter in the picture wanted to know why it takes her Papa so long to make a chair.
Oct. 2008
This rocking chair was made for my grand-daughter who will be one year old in Nov. The wood is madrone which was harvested and cut into lumber by Bill Tarleton, he suggested this wood since it has a pinkish color, appropriate for a little girl. A fun project and a real challenge.
June 2008
Black Acacia bowl, 11" diameter.
June 2008
A silver maple bowl, 15.5" diameter.
May 2008
Another beautiful southwestern design segmented bowl.
May 2008
Another stunning segmented bowl.
March 2008
A gorgeous segmented bowl fashioned after a Hopi Seed Pot.
Nov. 2007
A maple burl bowl.
Sept. 2007
An expertly turned Southwestern designed segmented bowl.
July 2007
Another of his fantastic Southwestern designed segmented bowls.
June 2007
Hopi jar #2, 13" diameter, it is made from poplar, bloodwood, birdseye maple, silver maple and ebony. It has 457 pieces of wood.
#1. April 2007

#2. April 2007
Bowl inspired by a Hopi clay bowl. It is 12 inches in diameter and is made up of western maple, katalox, bloodwood and silver maple.
March 2007
An Acoma Indian design vessel, 12" diameter x 8 ½" tall. It's made of poplar burl, ebony, katalox, silver maple (Bill's), and bloodwood. There are 625 pieces and it took 3½ hours to build it (well, more or less).
Feb. 2007
Feb. 2007a
Sunrise/Sunset Segmented Bowl.
Jan. 2007
A birthday present for my one year old grandson. The firetruck is 19" long.
Dec. 2006
A Baseball Bat, froggy pull toy, and jet liner.
Nov. 2006 This piece is a copy of an Acoma Indian clay jar, it has five species of wood; Poplar burl, Machiche , Katalox , Silver Maple and Bloodwood. The blueish-green color in the center is Turquoise stone chips. It is 9 1/2" in diameter x 11" tall.
Oct. 2006
Side 1
Side 2
Bay Laurel is 13" diameter x 4" tall.
Oct. 2006
Side 1
Side 2
Black Acacia Bowl, 11.5" diameter by 5" tall.
Aug. 2006 The vessel was inspired by a Laguna Pueblo clay vessel made circa 1890. It has 661 pieces of cut and glued wood. Poplar, Katalox, Bloodwood and Silver maple. It is 15" in diameter x 10" tall. It took me over two months to make it.Unfinished Stage
June 2006 An Acoma Indian shape bowl with their triangle cluster design. 14½" dia. x 11" tall. It has poplar, katalox, bloodwood, birdseye maple, granadillo, and silver maple.
May 2006 This is a hunk of a neighbors Elm tree that was cut down in May of 2005 -great wood for turning, very stable. It is 12" diameter, a good size for a salad bowl.
May 2006 11" dia x 10" high San Ildefonso style jar. 517 pieces, Poplar, bloodwood, Katalox, & maple.
March 2006 Louis XVI style side table.
Dec. 2005 Dec. 2005 Toy Challenge, Gorilla Pull Toy
Dec. 2005 A silverware service table made from Black Walnut.
Nov. 2005 Cabinet is 47" wide by 78" tall and fits in a corner, it is for a TV.
Oct. 2005 A wonderful maple and bloodwood segmented turning.
Sept. 2005 A large bowl made from the Concord Valley Oak with walnut accents.
Sept. 2005 "New Life" segmented vessel made from the Concord Valley Oak with walnut accents.
June 2005 Zig Zag pattern in segmented vessel.
May 2005 "Nice Feather" is a 10 inch diameter hollow vessel made from "Piedmont" poplar, bloodwood and walnut.
April 2005 Another stunning segmented turning.
Mar. 2005 Spalted maple vase with Ebony highlights. Pueblo Indian vase design.
Mar. 2005 A desk with pocket doors made from rift sawn red oak, stained and polyurathane finish. Made for my latest daughter-in-law for a wedding gift.
Mar. 2005 George's latest segmented turning is made of honey locust, blood wood, canary wood, maple burl and purple heart.
Jan. 2005 A beautiful segmented turning.