Gerald Perry's Projects

Gerald Perry

Gerald Perry
Aggravation Board Game. Jan. 2012

Gerald Perry
A beautiful Cypress Chest. May 2010.
Photos of a Valley Oak Futon.
Photos of a Valley Oak Futon. Dec. 2007
Rubber Band Car
Dec. 2005 Toy Challenge
Rubber Band Car
A three legged coffee table from a figured oak plank.
A three legged coffee table from a figured oak plank. April 2005.
A heart shape jewelry box made from the Big Oak Tree. The jewelry box is designed to be a wall hanging necklace box. The doors of the box have two smaller hearts, one on each door. The small hearts of different size signify man and woman coming together to form a much larger heart that encompases their family.

The small hearts on the doors were cut from thick sea snail shell to give a pearl like appearance. They are set in a heart shaped oak border and glued to the doors. The piece is finished with two coats of tung oil. April 2003.

Gerald made a Juniper bird house
Gerald made a juniper bird house. Dec. 2002

Jan. 2002 Home milled Valley Oak lazy Susan.
Dec. 2001 Music Box from "Firewood" Cherry.
( 3 ) Gerald took a clock repair class in 1998 at Acalane's High School. This was his first clock project made out of recycled red oak flooring. The design was taken from a small photograph. He turned each of the ornate columns as well as the finals pieces. He even repaired the second hand Vienna clock movement mechanism and the damaged clock face before installing them.
( 2 ) Close up of clock face.
( 1 ) Close up of roses etched in the glass.