Toni Lambert's & Laura Lee Gillespie's Projects

Toni     Laura Lee

Laura Lee Gillespie
Laura Lee made a Serving Tray for Cups. May 2011
Toni Lambert
Toni made a Walnut Side Table. May 2011

Laura Lee Gillespie
Laura Lee Gillespie made a Side Table and a Candle Holder.
Dec 2010
Toni Lambert
Toni Lambert made a Side Table and a Candle Holder.
Dec 2010
Laura Lee Gillespie
Laura Lee Gillespie made a Kentucky Coffee Tree Table.
Dec 2009
Toni Lambert
Toni Lambert with a photo of a Computer Desk built from Redwood Wine Cask Lumber. Dec 2009

Dec. 2007 Laura Lee made a dusty rose table.
May 2007 Laura Lee made a "year of the pig" lidded box.
Dec. 2006 Toni made the smallest table of a three nesting group.
Dec. 2006 Laura Lee made A lovely magazine table.
Dec. 2005 Toni showed a Photo of a stunning cherry cabinet.
Dec. 2005 Laura Lee made a small tabouret table from the Concord Valley Oak.
Dec. 2004 Toni made a maple bookcase/TV table.
Dec. 2004 Laura Lee made a wonderful white oak hall tree.
Dec. 2004 Toni's December Candle Holder Challenge 2004.
Dec. 2004 Laura Lee's December Candle Holder Challenge 2004.
Dec. 2003 Laura Lee made a Stickly Design Sugar Pine and Art Glass Folding Screen finished with Good Stuff.
Dec. 2003 Toni made a magnificent Black Oak Barrister Book Case.
Sept. 2003 Toni made a very elegant serving tray made from white oak and finished with Rocker jell poly.
July 2003 Laura Lee made a beautiful stool from black oak firewood.
March 2003 Toni: I chose to make an Arts and Crafts style sconce inspired by a Greene and Greene pattern. For the glass panels I chose an amber colored stained glass with streaks reminding me of rain and sun with a silhouette of the Old Oak Tree. On the computer I created a silhouette from a photo of the tree. I took the liberty of drawing a trunk on the tree as it was obscured by the fence in the photo. From the silhouette I made a decal and applied it to the stained glass on the front of the lamp.

Making the lamp from the small boards was a real challenge. After milling the wood for this project the largest piece of wood was 24 inches long 4 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. There are six pieces of wood glued together to create the backboard of the lamp. The sconce is mounted on a redwood frame for display purposes. When the light is turned on it gives the impression of the "Sun setting over the Old Oak Tree".
March 2003 Toni and Laura Lee: We made this Bird house from the scraps of Big Oak wood and bark that were left over from our other completed projects. There was no plan to work with. It took twelve pieces of wood just to create the front of the house. This is a good example of all the different looks of the wood from just one tree. The roof and yard are trimmed in slices of the bark. On each side of the house are feeders with mirror windows so the birds can see themselves and admire their images while they feed. A bell hangs on the front perch for the birds to play with. Even the shavings were precious so they are attached to the chimney to represent smoke. The year the project was completed is the house number. On the inside, below the bird house hole entrance, are steps made from the bark of the tree so that when a baby bird wants to leave it will be able to climb out of it's nest.

Plywood was used as a base for the roof and covered with individually cut shingles from left over scraps. The base of the floor is redwood covered with bricks cut from the bark. The house is covered with a waterproof sealer, and there are holes in the peak of the back wall for a little cross ventilation. The back of the house is meant to look like an old barn and bark is used around the house to represent bushes.

What could be more fitting for the Old Oak Tree than to continue to be a home for it's little friends?
March 2003 Laura Lee: I have long been fond of the Arts & Crafts style and I felt that this would complement the old oak tree. On one of my visits to an Arts & Crafts show during the year I found three Motawi landscape tiles and then I knew that I could incorporate the tiles into my project, an Arts & Crafts frame.

The frame is put together with lap joints. I used a golden oak stain and finished with a polyurethane gel.

There were pieces of wood left after the frame was completed so I decided to build an easel on which to display the frame. This was also accomplished by using lap joints and finished the same as the frame. I wanted to give the Old Oak Tree a fitting tribute. The tree is gone but not forgotten.
Dec. 2002 Toni made a quarter sawn Black Oak dinning room chair. 3 more to go!
Dec. 2002 Laura Lee made a quartersaw Black Oak table with drawers.
Dec. 2002 Toni made a lovely black oak quilt rack.
Dec. 2002 Laura Lee and Toni made an Rice Paper Shoji Lamp.
Dec. 2002 Laura Lee and Toni made a Candle Holder Lamp
Dec. 2002 Laura Lee and Toni made a Stained Glass/Copper Roof Outdoor Lamp.