Diablo Woodworkers

Greenwood Chair Making

by Dan Stalzer in Ft. Bragg

Dan Stalzer / Instructor Dan Stalzer is a wood craftsman in the Ft. Bragg area and he holds classes on "Green Chair Making". Jeff Traeger, Ross Dileo, and Gene Wagg attended one of Dan's classes. They praised Dan for his instructional abilities and wholeheartedly endorsed the workshop. The course lasted 5 1/2 days, from dawn to dusk, it was hard work, especially since the splitting of the tan oak logs to shaping of the legs and spindles were done with good old fashioned hand tools; axes, splitting wedges, fro, bowsaw, drawknife, chisel, plane and scraper. The only power tools used were the band saw to shape the slats and an electric drill for making the rung mortises. The chairs need to dry out for several more weeks before an oil finish is applied and the seat made with hemp in a weave pattern.

Gene Wagg is splitting a tan oak log for shaping chair legs and spindles.

Gene Wagg (L) and Ross Dileo (R) using the shave horse

Jeff Traeger

Dan Stalzer and Ross Dileo

Jeff Traeger using the shave horse

Dan Stalzer

Jeff Traeger, Dan Stalzer, Gene Wagg, and Ross Dileo displaying their completed chairs