Jim Fleming's Projects

Jim Fleming
Patio table built from copper pipes, and 2x4s with a glass table top
. May 2014.
Jim Fleming
A dinosaur puzzle. His favorite. July 2010.

Fishing net.
Fishing net. Dec. 2005
Looks like a tissue box cover.
Looks like a tissue box cover.
Feb. 2006

A dinosaur he made for relaxation. Dec. 2004.
A couple of scrollsawed golfing characters.
A couple of scrollsawed golfing characters. Sept. 2004.

July 2004 A section of a rose tree which Jim salvaged from a friend and made into a sculpture.
May 2004 Two clocks for graduation presents with very unique pillars made with a router and moldings.
Oct. 2003 Two nice trout fishing nets.
Feb. 2003 Desk clock made from scrap wood.
Dec. 2002 Jim Fleming showed a laminated stool made from baltic birch plywood.
Jan. 2002 Jim made a beautiful trout fishing net.
( 4 ) Jim is working on a project that requires some finials and is experimenting with a duplicator and a newly purchased 3 HP Porter-Cable plunge router. He brought in a sample of a milled piece with a twisted rope pattern.
( 3 ) A combination chess and checkerboard from walnut, maple, lacewood, and mahogany.
( 2 ) Jim turned this beautiful little bowl
( 1 ) Jim made some storage additions for his lathe. They are made from some scrap material he had around the garage. Each panel is on a piano hinge. He opens the back panel when turning to help direct some of the shavings and dust into a box placed under the lathe. He also made brackets and hangers for some of the chisels, faceplates, etc.