Joe Abel's Projects
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All participants in Pembroke Table Presentation
. Feb 2018

Joe Abel
Cherry Cutting Board
. June 2014

Joe Abel
Hospice Boxes. Nov. 2013.

Joe Abel
Maple Boxes. June 2013.

Joe Abel
A spectacular Maloof Design Chair. July 2011
Joe Abel
A wonderful light walnut Rocker made in Tim Killen's class.
July 2010 & Dec 2010.
A lovely jewelry box.
A lovely jewelry box. Feb. 2005.
An interesting table design. Nov. 2004.
An interesting table design. Nov. 2004.
Joe Abel
A very nice clock he made in one of the Pleasant Hill Adult Education classes. The finish was Watco diluted with mineral spirits. May 2004

A great school house clock. March 2004

Nov. 2003 Walnut and Maple Jewelry Box.
Nov. 2003 A beautifully made chessboard.