John Rodriquez

John Rodriquez's Projects

John Rodriquez
Spalted Maple Box
. June 2014.
John Rodriquez
Cuttingboard in a food article, page 25, April, 2013 issue of Reno Magazine. Jennifer Bushman national author and epicurean contributor used my cutting board in one of her photo shoots.

John Rodriquez
showed a photo of Children's Bunk Beds. Dec. 2008
John Rodriquez
Donated a Mantle Clock to the Woodshop Craft Sale. Nov. 2008

John Rodriquez
Wood clamp project. July 2008.
A chess board with drawer.
A beautiful chess board with drawer. March 2008.

A couple of Jewelry Boxes with contour sides.
A couple of Jewelry Boxes with contour sides. Jan. 2008
A chessboard.
Another chessboard. Dec. 2007

Sept. 2007 A chessboard.
July 2007 A jig for cutting narrow pieces of wood on a table saw.
July 2007 A Williamsburg reproduction knife tray.
July 2007 His cabinet made in Tim Killen's class.
March 2007 A class project table.
Dec. 2006 Several beautiful jewelry boxes.
Nov. 2006 A Purple Heart/Maple Jewelry Box.
Dec. 2005 Sliding Dovetail In and out box.
May 2005 A jig for making the angle dovetails. John Lawson came up with the idea and built the jig.
May 2005 A desk clock with angle dovetail legs.
Dec. 2004 A mahogany/jara table.
June 2004 A handy little stool.
Dec. 2003 A Table with Jara Top, Mahogany Legs and finished
with Tung Oil.
July 2003 A beautifully made Grandfather clock that John made in Jeff Traeger's Clock Making Class. The handsome clock was made of mahogany and finished with tung oil. John's comments were that mahogany was easy to work with but difficult to finish.
April 2003 A beautifully colored fish puzzle.
Dec. 2002 Box made for his bisquit joiner.
June 2002. Several boxes John made as a result of Jeff Traeger's Box Making Class at PHEC.
2002 Cherry Mantle Clock
2002 Rocking Horse.
2002 A Red Oak Wagon.