John Summers' Projects

  John Summers
Bible Case. Nov 2012.

John Summers
One of 3 Convertible children's Step Stool and Chair. John routed the children's names on each one with a laser guided router. July 2008.
John's unique designed canvas painting holder.
John's unique designed canvas painting holder. May 2007.

Toy Box
Toy Box. Dec. 2005.
Colorful childrens puzzles
Dec. 2005 Toy Challenge. Colorful Childrens Puzzles.

Oct. 2005 A photo of a model church he made that has a removable roof and is to be used to hold memory cards for a sister's anniversary.
May 2005 His first segmented bowl made at Bill Tarleton's shop.
Dec. 2004 John took a step back in time and made a candle box.
Dec. 2004 December Candle Holder Challenge 2004.
Sept. 2004 This months project is a hand mirror.
Jan. 2004 A child's stool for a granddaughter made of oak and walnut with a poly finish.
Jan. 2004 A simple weaving frame. Not so simple when he showed the scuttle with over 100 bandsaw cuts for the threads.
Dec. 2003 An Epay Wood Mallet and a Myrtle Table with Corian Top and Scrollsaw Trim.
Oct. 2003 A pull toy for a grandson.
July 2003 Planes made during a 3 week class at the College of the Redwoods in Ft. Bragg. Maple bodies and a very hardwood from a scrap pile found on the Ft. Bragg beach.
Dec. 2002 A shoe rack for John's wife and an entry way wall mirror. Also shown is the kitchen paper towel holder made by John to meet Al's challenge for the December meeting.
July 2002 A squirrel feeder.
Jan. 2002 Barbecue tools in an oak case and bandsawed beech salad spoon and fork.