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Kris Wallace
- Here's the bench I built this year while sheltering in place. In the pics you can tell I'm a lefty by where the vises are located. It's my first bench build and it was inspired/influenced by the workbench book from Chris Schwarz which he has since come out with a newer and free version on his website.

I built it using inexpensive home center doug fir 2 x 12s that were soaking wet (figuratively) when I bought them. I let them sit for about a month before getting started which helped a little, but I'm still noticing some movement especially after this hot summer we just had. The vise hardware is from Benchcrafted and that's what drove 70% of the cost on this project. If I did it again I'd only add a leg vise due to the amount of use it gets compared to the tail vise.

Final dimensions are 2' wide by 7' long with a 4" thick top, and is 36" tall. So far I haven't noticed any drawbacks other than something that is likely due to my lack of craftsmanship. As for best features, the thing is a tank and has some many means with which to hold work in place. I've since built a moxon vise to go with it, and continue to add and refine it as needed. I really don't know how I managed prior to having it considering I was using a shaky drafting table, but we always seem to find a way. October 2020