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Favorite Woodworking Links

Chester Book Co. & Astragal Press - specializes in books on woodworking, antique tools and collectibles, traditional crafts and trades.
Carvers Companion Online Magazine, The
Chip carved clock face
Fine Woodworking, books, videos & a BLOG.
Wood Magazine
World of Wood (WOW) - The bimonthly IWCS magazine is an outstanding source of data on woods of the world as well as a chronicle of the activities of the IWCS.
Woodworker West - Promoting Craftsmanship in Wood In the Western United States
WWWoodcarver Online Magazine
Abrasive Belt, Abrasive Sheets, Abrasive Rolls - Klingspor's Woodworking Shop provides abrasive belt, abrasive sheets, and abrasive rolls, floor sanding products and sanding discs at affordable prices. They specialize in Klingspor sanding products with a vast array of woodworking supplies.
Bay Area Carbide - Sales and sharpening of industrial cutting tools
BladeMaster, leather bench hones
Bridge City Tool Works -
Carpe Lignum - Torne Lignum - Latin translation: Seize the Wood - Turn the Wood. Sells high quality stainless steel bottle stoppers and much more.
Craft Supplies/The Woodturners Catalog
Garrett Wade woodworking
Grizzly Industrial
Harbor Freight Tools
Hastings Saws
Highland Woodworking
Hock Tools
Lie Nielsen Tool Works
MLCS Router Bits & Accessories
MSC Abrasive Belts - Abrasives and Abrasive Belts
Northern - Tools & Equipment
Oneida dust control systems & online catalog with prices
Penn State Industries, Woodworking Machines & Accessories
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Saw4Fun Scroll Saw Patterns
Sweet's Construction Marketplace, Catalog of suppliers
TAP Plastics
U-bild Plans
Woodshopics.com - Topics, Tools and Tips for the home woodshop.
Wm. Alden excellent woodworking
Wood Carving Dealers on the Internet
Baker Hardwoods - Specialize in specialty lumber and custom milling of trees, logs & lumber.
California Urban Lumber
California Walnut Designs - Supplier of Premium Hardwoods.
Dolan's Lumber - Your green building experts.
Glogal Wood Source - Highest quality forest products in the world.
The Hardwood Resource - provider of the best quality hardwood lumber products.
Hida Tools and Hardware - is a supplier of Japanese woodworking and gardening tools. <== NEW
Mac Beath Hardwood -
Moore Newton Quality Hardwoods -
Oakwood Veneer Company - Oakwood Veneer Company is a flexible wood veneer supplier with more than 170 species of natural wood veneer in all lengths and sizes . in-stock and available for immediate delivery.
The Walnut Place - We specialize in claro walnut (California black walnut) and paradox walnut (Bastogne walnut).
Woodfinder - To find sources of lumber, veneer, plywood, or laminates
Arques School of Traditional Boatbuilding, The
College of the Redwoods Fine Furniture
John Alexander Make a chair from a tree
Mt. Diablo Adult Education
The Crucible
Timber Framers Guild, building timber frame houses
About.com, Links to Woodworking Sites
Electronic Neanderthal, The; Traditional Woodworking Resources on the Web
FAQ's for the news group: Rec.woodworking
Wood Web, links geared for the commercial woodworker
Woodbooks, discount woodworking book store
Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association
American Association of Woodturners
Bay Area Woodturners Association
Bay Area Woodworkers Association
Blue Ox - where Victorian craftsmanship techniques of the 1800s are utilized to produce authentic custom quality products for homes around the world.
International Wood Collectors Society - IWCS
Mt. Diablo Woodturning Center
Rochester Woodworkers Society, Inc.
San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association
Sonoma County Woodworkers Assoc.
South Bay Woodworkers.
South Valley Wood Workers.
South Florida Woodworking Guild : A place where woodworkers in any endeavor can gain information, learn skills, exchange ideas, discuss problems and enjoy the good fellowship associated with these goals.
West Bay Woodturners - West Bay Woodturner's Society is to promote woodturning education of the membership and the general public and to generate a broader understanding of woodturning as an art form.

Dovetail Templates for Beginners - Free Dovetail template generator. You enter dimensions of the wood, number of tails etc and it will create a template image to scale. Print the template, fold over the wood and cut through to form the tails.
Klockit - Clock parts and kits supplier located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
LumberJocks Woodworking Showcase
Marlene's Embroidery & Designs - The place to get your embroidered Diablo Woodworkers shirt and many other embroidered designs.
WoodBin - Features woodworking utilities, reference material, how-to articles, and other stuff to help you with your woodworking projects..
WoodcraftPlans.com - The place to find hundreds of plans.
Woodweb.com.au - Woodworking forums and Information.
Woodworking Plan Finder - Thousands of free woodworking plans and plans for purchase. Categorized links to plans for beds, bookcases, chairs, desks, tables, entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, and much more.
Artist Allan Schwindt - Allan combines wood to complete many of his bronze pieces. Also, he has a collection of hand made wood art consisting of bottle stoppers, shoehorns, back scratchers, leaf lapel pins, and much more made from a wide variety of woods.
David J. Marks - Fine Woodworking, Plans, and Instruction.
Exotic Wood Jewelry Boxes - Jewelry boxes in exotic woods and burls hand crafted by award winning Florida artisan Donald R. Boudreau.
Jewelry Boxes and Cutting Boards, by Al Ladd - Handcrafted jewelry boxes and cutting boards featuring patterned parquet hardwood.
Jim Rodgers' Designs in Wood exhibits polychromatic segmented vessels and other hollow forms. He gives woodturning classes and demonstrates woodturning techniques.
Killen Wood - Develops detailed furniture designs and creates museum replicas of traditional pieces mainly in American18th Century and Shaker styles.
'Ol Dave's Woodshop - The intention is to have fun with it and at the same, maybe get lucky enough to actually help some other woodworkers get to ideas or information that they may not have otherwise gotten the opportunity to obtain.
Segmented Project Planner - You're best choice for designing segmented projects. From novice to expert and idea to assembly, Segmented Project Planner supports your lathe project with Sketch-A-Bowl, AutoBowl, Segment Painting (color, mosaic, image), open segments, zigzags, diamonds, and much more.

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