Diablo Woodworkers

Walnut Creek Valley Oak To Be Remembered

A 284 year old Valley Oak that spread its limbs over the children's play area at the Walnut Creek Arts Center was taken down in late 2001. The city had the tree trunk, limbs and branches moved to an adjacent lot. To preserve the memory of this great tree, the Arts Center called in the Bay Area Woodturners Association, the Diablo Woodworkers, artists from all over California, and as far away as New York state to use the wood from the tree in creative and artistic ways. The crafts made from the tree are to be entered into a memorial display at the Walnut Creek Bedford Gallery in the Spring of 2003. Click here to read the Oak Tree's history or view the beautiful and creative projects made from the wood, Page 1 or Page 2.

Click on the thumbnail image to view enlarged photo of tree cutting activities

Bill Tarleton making lumber from valley oak tree.