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Andrew BaxterAndrew Baxter:

A beautiful tall bud vase from the Big Oak. The base to the left warped too much so he finished the project with a square sculptured base.
Bill TarletonBill Tarleton:

These hollow woodturnings are simple designs which come from the wood itself. The wood oftentimes has flaws that must be removed or enhanced or grain patterns that suggest shapes.

They were hollowed using a manual controlled but laser guided gouge to provide evenly thinned wall thickness. These items are only made from the Big Oak itself. However, the finishes are manmade.
Bill TarletonBill Tarleton:

Common wood lathe techniques were used for the bowls. They show off the complex growth of this magnificent old Big Oak tree.

Salad Bowl finish was used to help protect the woods character for years if not stressed too often with soap and water.
Bob BarnettBob Barnett:

The boxes are made entirely of wood with no other material. One way I achieved this was to use an unhinged lid. The boxes are opened by pushing down on the knob on the back of the lid. I felt metal hinges would distract from the woods heritage. The process of making the boxes started with the inspiration followed by sketches, then drawings and finally construction.
Bob ChaplaBob Chapla:

The extension ladder is made entirely of heritage oak and separates into three pieces. It is hinged to an oil painting of a valley oak branch group. The oil painting is done on a piece of recycled oak veneer hollow core door. The inspiration behind the sculpture was the nature of the Heritage Oak Project - to 'extend' the life of the old oak by memorializing it in art.
Bob ChaplaBob Chapla:

A 3-sided table with a 'nest' in the center made entirely from the wood of the old heritage oak - a reference to the oak as a former haven for birds.
Bob ChaplaBob Chapla:

This sculpture is made in three pieces. The bust is carved from a single piece of heritage oak. The fluted support beneath it is shaped from a second piece of heritage oak. The base is constructed of red oak. The concept behind the head was to make a takeoff on 18th and 19th century carved heads done for the powerful and wealthy...but with the concept of decay and deconstruction. It personalizes the heritage oak while showing its demise. This piece has appeared in the DiRosa's 'Painters and Poets' show earlier this year.
Bob ChaplaBob Chapla:

This sculpture was made from a wing-like discarded piece of heritage oak. slightly modified in shape, minimally sanded to retain chainsaw marks, oiled and mounted on a block of plexiglas sanded to give cloudy translucency. The block of plexiglas was among the discards from the cleanout of Jacques Schnier's studio. Both are remnants of a previous life.
Bob ChaplaBob Chapla:

This sculpture was made from a single slice off heritage oak branch, loop-sawn on a band saw, expanded and reglued. Interior flocked. Center portion sanded and pulled out. Pieces glued to fir base which was chosen for knot placement then cut in curved form. The shape of the piece suggest an effort to give birth to a seed form.
Dan PachecoDan Pacheco:
This tabletop display case is small enough to sit on top of a coffee table and is designed to hold a few of your favorite keepsakes. A drawer allows you to easily rearrange the items you have to display.

The case consists of three sides joined together by four corner posts. The joinery for the case is tongue and groove. The case sides are sandwiched between a top and bottom frame. The frames are mitered at the corners. A beveled glass top is added so that your keepsakes can be admired.
David WittenbrockDavid Wittenbrock:
I had been considering serveral concepts for a unique display shelf when the Diablo Woodworkers were offered wood from the Old Oak Tree. Looking at the limbs from the tree, I decided that they would make an excellent basis for something truly unique. And using wood from a tree with a known history gave this project added interest for me.

In making the display shelf I tried to allow the main trunk (originally a limb) to set the pattern for the branches that hold the shelves. The main trunk has a smooth surface yet has an interesting irregularity to its shape. All of the wood that can be seen on the display shelf is from the Old Oak Tree, although there is some plywood hidden within.

The base and the branches with the shelves are all created from small pieces that were band sawed (mostly quartersawn) from parts of the tree. These were dried to a moisture content of about 10 percent. Stacking the small pieces near a heating duct in the guest bedroom helped to bring the drying time down to only 6 months. Pieces for the base were then glued together and chain sawed, chiseled, filed, and sanded to the final shape. The shelf lighting system is LEDs which are low voltage and give off no heat.
Dorrie HardenDorrie Harden:

Beautifully scrollsawed projects made from the Big Old Oak Tree.
EC LundEC Lund:

Two beautiful turnings made from the wood of the Big Oak.
EC LundEC Lund:

More beautiful turnings made from the wood of the Big Oak.

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