Roger Giles' Projects

Roger Giles

Roger Giles
Birds-eye Maple & Mahogany
. June 2014.

Roger Giles
Gum Cribbage Board
. May 2014.

Roger Giles
Beautiful Walnut Box with walnut burl in top. Nov. 2012

Roger Giles
2 Lovely Boxes. Oct. 2012

Roger Giles
A beautiful box. Sept 2012.
Roger Giles
A Wine Storage Cabinet. Jan. 2011

Roger Giles
A 4 Drawer Jewelry Box. Dec 2009
Roger Giles
A large jewelry box designed in Brian Condran's PHEC class. August 2009

Roger Giles
A men's jewelry box. June 2009
Roger Giles
6 Treasure Boxes, the first completed for the Toy Project for 2009. April 2009

A heart shaped jewelry box.
A heart shaped jewelry box. Feb. 2009.
A Coconut Palm Lidded Jewelry Box.
A Coconut Palm Lidded Jewelry Box. Dec. 2008.

A beautifully stained cabine/shelf installation.
A beautifully stained cabine/shelf installation. Feb. 2008.

A tool cabinet for his shop.
A tool cabinet for his shop. Feb. 2008.

Roger Giles let the Summer Social see the wonderful cabinet he put together in Brian Condran's class at PHEC. July/Aug. 2007.

March 2007 A round teak pedestal table.
Oct 2006 A new lidded box.
Feb 2006 A new box creation.
Oct 2005 A decorative table made from the Concord Valley Oak. They look the same but look closely and you'll see the subtle differences.
Oct. 2005 A decorative table made from the Concord Valley Oak.
July 2005 A Walnut and Tanoak box.
June 2005 A beautiful folding TV tray made from local walnut and walnut plywood.
Dec. 2004 A free style design tray made with a table mounted router.
Dec. 2003 A small Hinged Lid box with a Tile Insert Top. Roger fires his own tiles.
June 2003 Winery Mural - The Little Old Wine Maker, Me.
April 2003 A lovely jewelry box.
March 2003 This table was constructed of both Flat Sawn and Quarter Sawn Wood taken from a historic 284 year old Valley Oak Tree. Both the hard and soft woods from the tree were used to take advantage of the variations in color and texture of the wood. No effort was made to conceal any imperfections in the wood. Any filling that took place was to stablilize the wood and keep it from further damage.

The compound curve of the table top emulates the sweeping curve of the barn owl's wings as it swoops down from the Oak upon its prey. The same curve is carried out in the table skirts but with a concave arch.

The sturdy legs were kept simple in design, paying homage to the strength and durability of the Valley Oak. The slight taper and flat planes of the legs are broken only by a single flute on the outside edge of each leg. The skirts were mortised into the legs to give great strength to this substantial table.

The wood was left unstained as the natural color tones found in Valley Oak are a perfect match for those found in Barn Owls. Natural Danish Oil was applied to bring out the natural tones and to enhance the figure in the wood. Six coats of hand rubbed Polyurethane Varnish were applied to protect the wood when the table is in use.

The Barn Owl design was picked for the top as they frequently nest in the rotted out hollows of Oak Trees. The design was kiln fired onto the ceramic tile at about 1600 degrees. The tile was then grouted into the top frame and the grout sealed against moisture and stains.
Dec 2002 A family poker game that replaces a tablecloth game. The new game has dividers that keeps the chips in there place.
March 2003 Quartersawn oak coaster set with tile inset of a wolf baying at the moon.
Jan. 2003 Beautiful tile clock with floral design and mahogany frame.
Dec. 2002 Beautiful little oak table with a floral tiled top and curved legs. The finish was a polyurethane toner.
Oct. 2002 This lovely serving tray is made from black acacia. Tiles were inlaid in the tray for a nice added touch.