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Ross Dileo
Jake from Alameda says all lives matter so please wear a mask.
Jake was bandsawn out of scrap mahogany, feet wenge with an oil finish. July 2020

Ross Dileo
Comb Back Windsor Chair. Dec. 2012.

Ross Dileo
Windsor Lowback Settee. Dec. 2012.

A natural edge walnut bowl with base.
A natural edge walnut bowl with base. Dec. 2007

A turned camphor bud vase.
A turned camphor bud vase.
June 2006
Face carving done on knots taken from rotten logs.
Face carving done on knots taken from rotten logs.
May 2006

A Regulator type clock made from the Concord Valley Oak.
A Regulator type clock made from the Concord Valley Oak. Oct. 2005

March 2005 A jewelry cabinet he built in a PHEC class. Walnut trim with Book Matched Box Elder front doors.
Dec. 2003 A South American Mahogany and Walnut Grandfather Clock Case.
March 2003 I wanted the tool box to look like it was made a hundred years ago and I believe the shape, the joinery, and the finish accomplished this. The box is made entirely from the Big Oak. I milled the pieces on a planer and jointer to the desired thickness of ¾" although due to unevenness of the boards the thickness varied considerably, but added to the character of the box. Dovetail joinery was used to join the box sides and the bottom was glued to the base and hand carved pegs let into the base as additional support. The handle was made by laminating two pieces of oak and turned on a lathe. Oak wedges were let into the ends of the handle to hold it in place. After final sanding I applied a walnut stain and finished with two coats of tung oil. The dimensions of the tool box are 19 3/8" long, 9" wide and 8" high.
Dec. 2002 A mahogany butterfly inlay table.
April 2002 A lovely turned bowl.
Feb. 2002 A Chair made at Greenwood Chair Making class in Ft. Bragg. Tan oak logs were split for shaping the legs and spindles. Old fashioned hand tools were used; axes, splitting wedges, fro, bowsaw, drawknife, chisel, plane and scraper. The only power tools used were the band saw to shape the slats and an electric drill for making the rung mortises. An oil finish was applied and the seat made with hemp in a weave pattern.
Dec. 2001 two walking sticks from manzanita and laurel. The laurel had a carved face and the interesting twist to the stick was caused by vines that had twisted around the tree branch. Keeping some of the red bark on the manzanita various designs were created. Ross was expecting the crowd to tell him to take a hike but remembering what one of our former US presidents said "speak softly but carry a big stick" seemed to dissuade any sarcastic remarks.
2001 Crown Molding Jewelry Boxes.
2001 Backyard Birdhouse.