Stan Armstrong's Projects

A Madrone walking stick.
A Madrone walking stick. Oct. 2006
A home made Angle Finder.
A home made Angle Finder. Nov. 2007
A Snoopy Dog House he is donating to the Contra Costa/Sonoma Food Bank.
A "Snoopy Dog House" he is donating to the Contra Costa/ Sonoma Food Bank. May 2006

The beginnings of Stan's new shop in process. May 2005.

With the help of some neighbors and my wife, the first wall was raised into place. I have the front wall framed and ready for plywood. June 06, 2005.

I gave up on framing the thing by myself as this fun project turned out to NOT be so fun when I kept messing up the framing. I hired an expert via a recommendation from a friend and he was excellent. Very fast as well. He managed to frame it up in a week in his spare time. July 2005.

Used Carriage House Shangle shingles are a green/grey color and has shadowing lines around the edge of each shingle to give a visual depth. The shingles will last 50 years. It has copper imbedded granules that will last about 6 years, to eliminate fungus growth. Next will be doors, windows, paper wrap and electrical. July 30, 2005

The windows and doors are in along with locks and door handles. The 15 lb. felt is on the sides. This weekend I'll install some 2x4's to trim the doors before the stucco mesh is installed next week. August 24, 2005.

I've named my shop S.A.W.S.(Stan Armstrongs Wood Shop). The Stucco Mesh is installed and inspected. The Wood trim is on the Windows and Doors and primed. The Electrical should be done tomorrow. Sept 5, 2005.

Finally it's done. Nov. 13, 2005.

Jan. 2006 Marquetry Grasshopper.
Dec. 2005 Relief carvings.
Nov. 2005 Two samples of his work from Brian Condan's Marquetry Class.
April 2004 Wishing Well for the Contra
Costa/Sonoma County Food Bank.
Dec. 2003 Photo of Backyard Redwood Swinging Bench.