Diablo Woodworkers

Zero Clearance Insert Fit

Here's a tip to make the Zero clearance insert fit, and stay in place. No more adjusting the screws. Remove your existing wooden Zero clearance plate, clean the bottom with a touch of sand paper.

There are 4 small tabs in the table top opening, to hold the plate in place. Clean them off for the next step. Get out your glue gun, you know , the one that has those little sticks of glue you need to insert? Now for the fun, OH ! you may want to put a small piece of wax paper/Scotch tape on each tab. Now squeeze out a blob of glue on each tab, be generous.

Now set your Zero plate back in place, and press it down to level. use a flat surface if you wish to level it, if needed. Now, it will come out easy, NO more adjusting. That's my thought for the day.

Gordon, a Diablo Woodworker.